Tether Added to Crystal Analytics

The Crystal Blockchain platform has just been updated to include Tether (USDT), along with several other new features.

Crystal Blockchain
Feb 17 · 3 min read

1. Tether Added to Our Platform

We have now added Tether (USDT) to Crystal Blockchain analytics! Tether is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies, with a market cap of $4.5b+. Tether support will be available as part of the Bitcoin (BTC) interface on the platform — it has been extended to show USDT transfers.

It is important to note that this addition will mean a few changes in your platform functions, including:

  • Explorer: On the entity/ address page, it is now possible to check the amount of assets received (in BTC or USDT), as well as the entity/ address balance in fiat (USD or Euro). Both types of transfers (BTC and USDT) are now considered when calculating a risk score, making our overall profiling capacities much stronger.
  • We have extended the Connections feature for USDT, so users can now choose from five different currencies.
  • Visualization: Users will now also be able to build visualizations with the USDT layer.
  • Our Monitor feature now enables users to add transfers in USDT or BTC, so the risk can be assessed appropriately depending on the currency they choose.
  • In Cases, we have added the ability to set up notifications in USDT, as well as in BTC.

Other Updates:

2. New Analytics Tool: Shortest Path

In the list of All Connections, you will see a new option — “shortest path.” This option will show you shortest transaction path to any named entity from the Connections list. Users will also be able to open a visualization of a path to the entity in a single click.

3. Site Status

Users will be able to check whether all cryptocurrency support systems are operational (eg. due to maintenance or power outages) using the link status.crystalblockchain.com.

4. Nomenclature Change: “Fiat” instead of “USD”

We have also updated our API endpoints. The term “USD” in the current endpoints has been replaced with the term “fiat”. Data is now displayed based on the fiat currency pre-selected in your profile. (Note: these endpoint term changes only affect those who use Crystal via API.)

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