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How SocialBee Uses Meetgeek to Share Knowledge and Reduce Meeting Time

In a world of remote work and numerous virtual meetings, companies take measures to maximize the efficiency of the time spent in meetings.

We have discussed with one of the co-founders of SocialBee, Ovi Negrean (Ovi) about the main issues their company faces in their daily activity. He explained how they use Meetgeek and how working with a virtual assistant has made their business operations more efficient.

About SocialBee

🌐 Website:

🍯 The SocialBee Hive

Created in June 2016 as a small startup company, SocialBee is a platform for sharing content trusted by over 17k businesses worldwide. Startups, entrepreneurs, coaches, freelancers, agencies, and all kinds of small businesses use SocialBee to easily post their content on various social media platforms.

Apart from the tool itself, SocialBee also offers concierge services. All types of social media posts and content marketing materials are designed by professionals who bring their expertise and creativity to attract leads, increase engagement, and provide growth for their clients. As a bonus, they are also a fun team of 80+ people to work with.

First Contact with Meetgeek

Ovi Negrean, Co-Founder and CEO at SocialBee

Ovi first found out about Meetgeek through Founder Institute, one of the most prestigious business acceleration programs in the world.

🐝 Ovi: “In a time when virtual meetings have become zeitgeist, a tool that facilitates meetings and remote teamwork immediately caught my attention.”

Main Challanges at SocialBee

Like many other companies, due to the pandemic, SocialBee was forced to move its operations online. They went from in-person communication and meetings where most of the people were present in the same room, to a fully remote team. This raised a few problems.

Right from the start, without face-to-face interactions, the number of meetings grew significantly. As a result, one of the main concerns was that people would end up spending too much of their time in meetings that are either inconsequential or irrelevant for them personally.

Another issue was regarding tasks and follow-through. Any actions decided based on meetings needed to be written down clearly and assigned to the right people, otherwise, there was no follow-through. This was a time-consuming process and there was always a margin of error on the accuracy of the information.

Lastly, information discussed in meetings had to be communicated to colleagues who weren’t able to attend and other relevant parties. Disseminating information also took time off of their productive working hours.

The Decision to Use the App

Looking for ways to improve their process and make meetings more efficient, SocialBee turned to the Meetgeek AI assistant.

Apart from the useful features, what made up Ovi’s mind about using a virtual assistant was the ease of use. There was no need for special implementation or training for the team. Instead, they could simply connect their preferred project management and collaboration tools (Zoom, Outlook Calendar, etc.) and start using the software.

🐝 Ovi: “Once you set it up, you don’t have to do anything else, the app just works in the background. It’s like having your own personal assistant who participates in meetings, takes notes, and keeps other people informed about your discussion after the meeting is over.”

Another point in its favor was the fact that Meetgeek is affordable for any team member to use. Both when it comes to financial costs and time investment, Ovi considers it to be a great choice for his company.

How a Virtual Meeting Assistant Improves Work At SocialBee

By using an AI assistant, SocialBee saves about 20% of collective meeting time, significantly increasing productivity within the team.

🐝 Ovi: “We’re basically reinvesting this time into other productive activities.”

This gained efficiency is made up of multiple improvement areas such as:

  • People are more focused on the actual conversation, in team meetings or in customer calls, instead of worrying about missing details or taking notes.
  • They spend less time writing and producing more accurate minutes.
  • Meeting information is shared to keep others in the loop. This leads to fewer persons actually attending the meeting.
  • People watch a summary of the meeting instead of having to debrief each other.
  • They spend less time recalling what was discussed and asking each other for a refresh.
  • They record once and reuse knowledge sessions across the team.

The AI assistant automatically joins any meeting to record and take notes. For private meetings and personal conversations that are not relevant to the business, Meetgeek can be easily turned off. But for the better part, SocialBee allows it to facilitate their discussions.

The app provides a recording and a transcript for every meeting, which makes it easier to share knowledge afterward. If someone realizes during a meeting that one of their colleagues should’ve been part of the discussion, they can easily invite them to view the recording or read the meeting transcript.

Now, fewer people attend meetings and there is no fear of missing out on important information. People don’t have to prioritize meetings anymore just because they are listed in a calendar. Instead, they have the chance to catch up at their own pace. Parties who are not directly involved in the topics can simply focus on their own tasks and provide their input later on.

If someone needs to quickly catch up with the latest information, they can look over the meeting summary without listening to the entire conversation.

🐝 Ovi: “Sometimes you want to be part of a meeting, but your schedule doesn’t allow it. Now I can just watch the recording in my free time and listen to my colleagues. I can also speed it up or if I don’t have the time or skip to the highlights.

For example, when I have a product meeting with our CTO and I have to inform our developers about decisions and features, I can easily share only the relevant information.

What I really enjoy about Meetgeek is that it allows me to stay focused on the meeting without interrupting the natural flow of the conversation to take notes.”

Automated notes and action items make it so that people can’t forget important details anymore. Participants stay focused on the meeting without having to write things down. They can use voice commands to save important tasks and highlight meaningful parts of the conversation.

Why SocialBee Recommends Meetgeek

After the experience of using Meetgeek as a daily helper for SocialBee, Ovi recommends the software for anybody who has many meetings, especially for video conferences on Zoom or other similar platforms.

🐝 Ovi: “Meetgeek is great for both internal meetings and discussions with the customers. It allows you to be professional and save time. There is no room for uncertainty regarding what has been decided, which is especially valuable for client meetings. Whenever needed, you can send the recording to your stakeholders and settle a dispute.

Anyone who has daily or weekly meetings can make use of this.”

Are you ready to find a better way to share knowledge and reduce meeting time? Schedule a demo here.



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