Have You Ever Heard of Cannabis Ruderalis?

Yeah, we all know Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, but have you ever heard of Cannabis Ruderalis? Unlike the first two mentioned ones, Cannabis Ruderalis lacks the potent psychoactive properties, so it was ignored for many years. Another difference is that the two psychoactive kinds have roots in Asia, on the other hand, Ruderalis comes from Russia. It has very thick and sturdy stems, and it is much smaller, it usually grows only up to 90 cm. Not only is it not good for growing recreational cannabis, also for hemp production, because of its low height.

According to Jorge Cervantes, grow guru and author of The Cannabis Encyclopedia, “Botanists disagree as to whether c. ruderalis qualifies as a separate species or subspecies.”

What is Cannabis Ruderalis good for?

Mainly for its autoflowering feature, which means the grower doesn’t need to be involved in the process of its growth and can leave it to grow by itself. That’s why we can also see it in the ditches along the side of the roads. It automatically flowers after 21–30 days of vegetation and it is ready to harvest at 70 to 110 days from seed.

Thanks to this features, Ruderalis is convenient for growers of high-CBD strains grown indoors. They breed it with CBD strains and the plant then retains the auto flowering features of the Cannabis Ruderalis and the advanced potency and flavor profile of its genetic partner. It brings the benefits to the growers living in colder areas of the world and those who grow outdoors. It saves the effort of the farmers.

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