We Built A Tool To Create Buzz On Demand

Meet Mangrove Boost: a Thunderclap for communities

Are you using the full power of your community?

In 1 year, Mangrove grew from 5 to more than 140 members. We form a tight and cohesive community that shares the same values: transparency, trust, goodwill. And we run 100% on Slack.

150+ handpicked people means a lot of great work. Here’s a sample of what Mangrove members produced this month:

And these are just examples, most Mangrove members are working on their own projects.

We wanted to promote these to the outside world. But like every other community, we lacked a scalable or effective way of doing so. Members would share their work in a Slack channel, hoping that others pick it up and maybe share it.

No way it could buzz. We weren’t using the tribe’s full firepower. We weren’t promoting as one.

Until now.

Meet “Mangrove Boost” — Your On-Demand Buzz tool

Do you know Thunderclap? It’s a clever and effective way to have your work buzzing. Backers agree to share it on a specific date and time. If you manage to convince 100 people to back your work, you’ll have 100 tweets going out at the same time, ensuring a much higher reach.

Mangrove Boost is Thunderclap for communities.
Mangrove Boost’s landing page

Mangrove Boost is a web application that works on top of your Slack team. Whenever something important needs to be promoted by the community, Mangrove Boost will ask all team members to share it — to become backers.

You’re now using your tribe’s full firepower.

Enough talking! Let’s start a buzz. I’ll show you how:

We’re going to spread the word about Mangrove Boost… by using Mangrove Boost!

1.Write down the link you want to promote:

sharing mangrove boost

2. Pre-write the tweet that’s going to be sent from all the backers’ Twitter accounts. Add a message for backers so they know why they should help:

3. Create the campaign 🚀 Team members will now receive a Slack message encouraging them to support it:

4. They just need to click on ‘Tweet’.

And here’s the result:

Did people support the campaign? Let’s check the analytics:

5. ANALYTICS: Mangrove boost shows you who shared the campaign, as well as the number of clicks generated in the outside world!

Great analytics for your campaigns

Now, you might ask: does this work?

Well, you found this article on Twitter, didn’t you?

Mangrove Boost was created for the Mangrove community first. If you’re interested in using it for your own team or community, send an email at hello@mangrove.io and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Mangrove is a community of tech freelancers and entrepreneurs designing a new way to work. Read more at http://mangrove.io