MeetnGreetMe — innovative view on verification within a peer-to-peer platform

Interviewing a new MeetnGreeter

Verification is a typical tool within any peer-to-peer platform. Most of p2p platforms use e-mail, phone, and sometimes social media verification, that is adjusted by automatic mechanisms.

But the problem with this approach is that it does not take into account the human factor, that plays a key role in peer-to-peer relationships and can not be overlooked.

Personalized verification is something that makes MeetnGreetMe so special and unique.

Since comfort in communication between Guest and MeetnGreeter is one of the main components of MeetnGreetMe service, the main goal that faced the creators of the platforms was to make sure that platform users will be comfortable with each other and that their communication will be as productive as possible.

And the solution was found: personalized verification!

Personalized verification includes both usual components, such as phone/email/social media, and video interview with each MeetnGreeter. It means that every potential MeetnGreeter needs to get video verified by our Customer Happiness Manager before they can offer their services.

Here’s how it works: MeetnGreetMe customer service managers schedule a video interview with each MeetnGreeter before activating their account and each interview has 2 phases:

  • Introductory phase: during this phase, MeetnGreetMe manager tells the MeetnGreeter about the project’s mission and philosophy, checks their communication skills and learns about their experience and interests.
  • Teaching phase: during this phase our managers teach MeetnGreeter how to use the platform, how to create deals and how to attract customers.
That kind of verification kills two birds with one stone: we make sure that the users are truly interested in our service and share our values, and at the same time we help our MeetnGreeters learn about our service’s features and teach how to use them.
After verifying the best MeetnGreeters for your next trip

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