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Meetup Togetherfest

Apr 18, 2018 · 1 min read

Meetup is thrilled to welcome 150 top Meetup organizers to our hometown, New York City, for our first-ever Meetup Togetherfest!

The organizers joining us are creating real human connection with every Meetup they schedule and host. We’re so grateful for the chance to be IRL with them.

Meetup Togetherfest will be everything you hope for in a great Meetup — welcoming, real, impactful, spirited, and thoughtful. Program highlights include:

  • Priya Parker, our keynote speaker, will lead organizers in a master class on The Art of Gathering with lessons from her forthcoming book of the same name
  • WeWork cofounders Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey will share why IRL community matters so much to them personally, and what inspired them to join forces with Meetup
  • Organizers will get advice, support, and camaraderie through small group sessions
  • Meetup’s product team will give a sneak peek of what’s next for the Meetup

Follow along on social — #MeetupTogetherfest #Meetup.

And, Meetup organizers, if you’re not joining this year’s Togetherfest, keep an eye out for highlights in next month’s Community Matters newsletter.


Meetup to do what matters to you.

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