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Meetup’s Web Redesign Explained

Dec 7, 2017 · 3 min read

Update as of December 13 at 7:01 PM EST

In the past week, we’ve launched several improvements to the redesign as a direct result of organizer feedback. You can now:

  • Save and preview your Meetup before you publish it.
  • Access more organizer tools in more places to help you manage your Meetup, including sorting your RSVP list, managing your waitlist, and viewing payment status.

We’ll continue to put your feedback into action and make improvements in the weeks ahead. If you have questions, feedback, or want to know more, you can:

  • Join a Facebook Live with Fiona Spruill, Meetup’s COO, and Carolyn Manning, Meetup’s VP Brand & Community, on Friday, December 15 at 12:00 pm EST.
  • Send an email to

Original Post from December 7
The Meetups you host, and the care you put into them, brings people together IRL and makes Meetup what it is. That’s why we want to make sure you have the backstory for important changes coming to Meetup.

We’re launching a clean, modern redesign of Meetup that goes live for everyone on Thursday, December 14.

The redesign started with the app launch. Now it’s time for the web design to catch up. Starting next week, everyone will have a consistent Meetup experience across our apps and website, which will help get more people to your Meetups. Go see what’s new.

These updates are a big shift, and we’ve been hearing from thousands of Meetup organizers about what’s working and what’s not. We released a preview of the redesign to all organizers in early September. In the months since then, we’ve been listening, carefully considering your concerns and ideas, and taking action.

From what we heard, we made these changes:

  • Brought back the ability to reply directly in comments (NEW)
  • Highlighting your next Meetup prominently
  • Showing full descriptions to people who haven’t RSVPd yet
  • Expanding character limits for descriptions
  • Removing the color filter from your Meetup group photo

And you can expect this in the near future:

  • You’ll be able to save a draft of your Meetup
  • Creating a preview of a Meetup so you can see what it will look like before announcing
  • Improving tools that help you manage your Meetups, such as sorting, waitlist, and payment status
  • Bringing the member list and profiles to new design

Some things that are not changing:

Formatting in descriptions

We know it’s important for your members to be able to find important information about your Meetups.

We removed formatting on the web (it hasn’t existed on the apps for over a year) to create a more seamless browsing experience for members who are looking at your Meetups. The majority of our members use Meetup on a mobile device and we’ve heard from them that the variation in formatting from Meetup to Meetup created a disjointed experience, one that could turn them off from RSVPing.

That’s why we are not going back. But our work on this is not done. Our plan in the months ahead is to provide more and better structure for Meetup group and event pages so that your members don’t miss important information.

The What’s New feed

We are exploring ways to better expose new activity, but we don’t have an immediate fix for this. One thing we can share is that the What’s New feed is something that was visible on the desktop version of Meetup, but has not been accessible on mobile web for years. Remember, over 60% of members experience Meetup on mobile devices.

Our commitment to you

We’re listening, and we’re here to support you through this transition. Here are some additional resources that might be helpful:

Want to learn how to make the most out of the new design?
Check out our tips to make your Meetup look great.

Want to hear from our leaders directly?
Tune in for a live video session on Friday, December, 15 from 12:00 pm — 12:30 pm EST with our COO, Fiona Spruill, and VP Brand & Community, Carolyn Manning.


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