Here are THE 4 STEPS to truly change your organization for the better:

Step 1: Change the Environment

You must always start with your physical environment first in order to bring about positive change in your organization. Be sure that you are top to bottom Medicare and OSHA compliant within your four walls. Be sure that everyone has a space and the tools needed to complete their work. Be sure that your patients have plenty of treatment space and the right equipment to get the results you are looking for.

Step 2: Develop the Structure

The structure of your organization defines who is in charge of what and who is tapped as a resource to solve a particular problem. Do all problems funnel to you as an owner and do you find yourself constantly putting out fires that others have started? The days of that will end with an ORG Board defining all the roles and responsibilities of each member of the organization and where they fit in. People need security in all their inquiries that they will be handled efficiently.

Step 3 : Personnel Evaluation

This is the hardest part to figure out for most Private Practice owners. Do I have the right team? Find out if the players you are currently playing on the field are the team that will give you the best chance to be victorious. If you have doubts about a particular member of your staff, dig a little deeper and you will find out that your doubts are almost always warranted. Remember that when you are not winning, it is not something that is holding you back, it is someone.

Click here to read an entire blog we wrote about this topic. It is important that Practices perform what we like to call “Taking Personnel Inventory”.

Step 4: System of Operations

What are you doing to track your success and measure your wins? Every game has a way to keep score. What are you doing to keep score? When we manage our staff by statistics and not personality, they win much more than the average team that is put together. It is not how much you like someone that determines their job security; it is how much they produce.

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