How to confront and effectively communicate with your staff.

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NOW THE BLOG……Confront is not a bad word

Being a good practice manager is knowing how to confront and effectively communicate with your staff. Confront is not “Confrontation” and it doesn’t not have to have a negative connotation associated with it. Confront is defined (at MEG) as the ability to face without flinching or avoiding. This can mean facing a situation or another colleague, junior, or senior at work. There are many situations that we take the path of least resistance when dealing with and we sidestep those situations only to have them come up and bite us later. The problem with not addressing problems that are unethical or off policy is that you set a precedent in your practice where the inmates get to run the asylum.

Never present a problem without a possible solution.

When you, as a manager confront situations and people who are out ethics, you also set a more positive precedent for your staff and business. Imagine if you let something go off policy for long enough it is reasonable to assume that off policy will become the new way of doing business. At this point, what is even the point of having company policy and ethics? There is no reason to have rules if they are constantly being broken. However if you address when rules are broken, your staff are less likely to break rules because they know they will be held accountable for doing so. Do yourself a favor and make your life easier to manage and confront that which needs to be confronted. Imagine what people can get away with if you choose to be their friend no matter what choices they make. Heck, they may even start stealing from you. Break the cycle of insubordination immediately and get more products from your employees. Not only will they work harder, they will ultimately be happier and have more respect for you and the organization.

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