We’re creating the world’s first open-source band

You can submit your song here

Here’s a weird backstory.

Back in January, I posted on Facebook that the podcast I’d been working on (MegaMaker) had just broken into the Canadian iTunes charts. The joke was I was “lower ranked than the knitting show, but higher than the hobbits show.”

Then it hit me:

“Higher than Hobbits” would be a great name for a stoner metal band.

When I tweeted that out, some folks from the UK reached out and said they’d be interested in making music for a band like that:

I started to wonder: would this work as an open, collaborative experiment? Could we create, in effect, the world’s first “open sourced” band?

“Stoner metal” is a pretty narrow niche; but what if we expanded it, and asked people to interpret how they felt Higher than Hobbits would sound?

We’re going to try it. There’s a website here (donated by Stage), and you can submit your band’s music here.

Today, we received our first submission; a bass riff that you can use to get started:

Submit your music here. Listen to the MegaMaker podcast here.