Districts Governance in the Microeconomy

Tools to be featured in the MCP3D District Owner’s Control Panel.

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Sep 10, 2019 · 4 min read

MegaCryptoPolis 3D Microeconomy is widely expected to be released this year which will presumably make a perceptible impact in the gaming industry.

Taking in consideration recent events those lead to the elimination of Districts Funds thus significantly reduced the role of Districts’ Tax as the governing tool in the decentralized city economy we are happy to announce the number of improvements those can be possibly made to turn it into the kind of solution that will juice up the Districts development.

District Owner’s Control Panel

As it was mentioned in the MegaCryptoPolis 3D Draft Book (3rd Edition), District owner will be able to set up Taxes for different types of buildings.

From now we have them categorized as follows:


  • Initial price for spare land plots in the District;
  • District Fund distribution period — part of the District Fund
    to be distributed on a daily basis (from 1/30 to 1/90);
  • Insurance Commission — part of the District Fund to be
    allocated during the natural disaster.


Define fees to be paid (on top of Materials required) every time a player construct or upgrade a building in the District, depending on its type:

  • Energy buildings;
  • Industrial and Production buildings;
  • Residential buildings;
  • Commercial buildings;
  • Office buildings.


Define fees to be paid (on top of Resources, if required) for operations in a building in the District, of each type:

  • Resources Tax— Water and Electricity production;
  • Production Tax — Complex and Basic Materials production;
  • Residential Tax — Citizens production;
  • Commercial Tax — for every action offered in the
    Commercial buildings.

There’s also the expected limit for points to be distributed between building types in both Construction and Operation Taxes to prevent irregular competition strategies, not allowing all-100% or all-0% building types Taxes. At least some categories should always be taxed along with no taxes draining tactics possible.

Changes can be made by a District’s Owner only once per 30 days.

District’s Taxes can’t be adjusted earlier than 30 days after the previous changes were made. All the players will be informed about changes via browser notifications, Telegram & Discord channels as well as reported in the “MCP Times” decentralized city newspaper.

Truly Decentralized Authority

Fees paid for Construction and Operation Taxes by players are then distributed between the District’s (Regional) Fund and Global (Federal) Fund EQUALLY, therefore changing District’s Taxes impacts the Global Fund the same way.

That means no central authority to define the game rules anymore.

Owning a District was always a status symbol, and from MCP3D launch on it will be the District governors to make serious decisions on how the economy will develop on each the time of day.

We believe that will also motivate governors to give life, energy, or spirit to their Districts and hence help us invite more players to the decentralized city streets attracting powerful media and top influences to the game.

Usability Is The Key

That’s no small feat when it comes to building a user experience. MCP3D will have all the quirks and features one expects from a modern game with a few things that are less typical.

Firstly, we’d like MCP3D to inherit all the best things players got already used to in the current release — new GUI will look very familiar without any radical changes. Secondly, we’d like it to have all the elements working the same way on desktop and mobile devices — rendering on-the-go experience seamless.

The biggest change here is the GUI style with smooth edges and rounded corners instead of massive square elements and enormous shadows.

Clear interface with thought-out scenarios to let you manage your properties, trade on the market and interact with the gaming world in a convenient and enjoyable manner.

These bars will demonstrate you Tax levels for each District in the List and District Information windows, with abbreviations:
R — Residential
C — Commercial
P+I — Production+Industrial
E — Energy
O — Office

That’s how one will be able to choose a District to acquire a land plot and develop his properties in. From the other side, District owners will be able to decide how they want their territory to operate — being it a living quarters with offices and commerce or a single heavy industrial zone.

Let’s have a talk!

Please feel free to share your opinion on upcoming updates in the official Discord server or Telegram group.

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Building the world’s largest decentralized city in the new…

Mega Crypto Polis

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Building the world's largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on the Ethereum blockchain. Join early: https://www.megacryptopolis.com


Building the world’s largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on Ethereum blockchain.

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