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Eliminating Gas Fees and Making Transactions Instant with Matic

MegaCryptoPolis integrates layer 2 scalability solution for Ethereum network Dec 10

Ethereum gaming map experienced lockdowns for several times already due to tremendously high gas fees back in 2008 and 2020. Along with that, even “normal” 20–40 gwei gasprices left no chances for low level buildings to be cost-effective. Finally, the solution is here.

MCP 2022

MegaCryptoPolis will have zero fee and almost instant transactions on Ethereum network already this year.

The whole decentralized city game logic is built on smart contracts. Over 3 Million events recorded on a distributed ledger since 2018 granting the confidence of assets ownership and game rules immutability.

However, every transaction has its reward for a miner (the gas price) to keep the trustless register. Since the very first blockchain game it was a player’s responsibility to consider those costs.

Matic Network allows us to move the most complex and gas consuming operations to a sidechain (so-called layer 2). The game logic remains intact and totally decentralized with all the smart contracts and tokens working the same way as they were on Ethereum.

Read more in the Matic Network blog

Every transaction on Matic Network also requires a Matic token as a reward for each transaction, but that will be our responsibility now.

MegaCryptoPolis team will take care of all the fees on Matic Network for the players!

What can be even more important is that the integration will be seamless.

No need to switch the network or purchase new tokens. Everything works outside the box in any Ethereum wallet.

There will be no significant changes in the way you play the game. Use the same Ethereum wallet to sign transactions both on Ethereum and Matic Network with no need to set up a custom RPC or switch between networks.

The only difference is the increased role of an in-game balance. At the moment, it is used to collect all the proceeds from operations in the game.

After Matic integration players will be able to use funds on their in-game balances to perform all the most popular actions (like collecting Resources from buildings, restoring Stamina, making purchases on the market, etc.).

There will be an option to deposit funds to the balance from an Ethereum wallet and withdraw the funds at any given moment.

Some operations will still be managed by Ethereum Network and thus may require gas fees. Operations to be performed using an Ethereum wallet:

  • Purchase a land plot (place a land plot for sale)
  • Make an offer for a land plot
  • Rent a land plot (place a land plot for rent)
  • Purchase a District (place a District for sale)
  • Upgrading Level 5 to Huge (Level 6) and Level 6 to Level 7 (Mega)
  • $MEGA token swaps in the Bank
  • Packs purchases in the Store

The reason for those transactions required to be made on Ethereum is that Land plots, Districts and $MEGA tokens are not moving to Matic.

Here’s the list of tokens to be transferred from Ethereum to Matic network:
Citizens, Pets, Cars, Resources, Appliances.

No action is required from your side — all the tokens will be carefully moved by the team.

Trading on OpenSea


Land plots (Buildings) and Districts will remain on OpenSea with no changes. All the tokens moving to the Matic Network (Citizens, Pets, Cars, Resources, Appliances) will be delisted from Ethereum network and will be temporarily unavailable for trading on the OpenSea.

The Plan.

Estimated Matic integration launch date — Dec 10.

The Ethereum gaming map will be closed for maintenance on Dec 8 starting from 1 PM UTC. Game will be unavailable for a couple of days then — please plan all the operations accordingly. Also please note there could be delays due to complexity of the upgrade.

Enabling Free-to-Play

Free and almost instant TXs are the cornerstone of the mass adoption.

Layer 2 scalability solution is also a basis for the World concept. Allowing free-to-play mode in a blockchain game is a huge step towards mass adoption.

That will allow for seamless onboarding starting already this year with a free Gen K Citizen to become actually really free (no more ETH for a gas fee to sign the transaction).

Rewards from the Community Members

MegaCryptoPolis has gone this way thanks to its incredible community.

There will be rewards for those who decide to join the community and give a check for the scalability layer excellence. Please ask Baba Yetu for the details.

Stay tuned!

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