Getting Ready for the MegaCryptoPolis 3D Alpha Test

100 players to try the new Microeconomy concept October 22.

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4 min readOct 16, 2019


We can’t be more excited to announce the first closed Alpha test for a long-awaited MegaCryptoPolis decentralized city builder Microeconomy update.

Only 100 most active players will be invited to try out a new gameplay model running on the Ropsten Ethereum network starting from 22 October 2019.

Participants will be able to manage Citizens, construct buildings, produce Resources and Materials, collect salaries and fight natural disasters on the decentralized city streets.

The best part about Alpha is District #43 where all the action will take place — land plots will become spare again as they were one and a half year ago when the game just started. Truly unique chance to experience it again in 3D!

Remember the days when #43 land plots were still available? Now in 3D.

All the participants will be given the same supply of Resources and Materials, along with some random Citizens, Pets and Cars tokens to start the game with. Unfortunately these tokens will be minted only on the Ropsten network and can’t be then transferred to the mainnet.

MCP3D launch date will be announced soon after the Alpha release.

Another reason to have Alpha before the official launch is the necessity to doublecheck and ensure all the figures for the new math model.

MegaCryptoPolis has incredibly well-maintained balance that lasts already for more than 12 months. All the Influence Points are distributed smoothly between all building types and levels, right as it was designed to:

Unique data published for the first time.

Influence is the major factor to define buildings effectiveness in the Microeconomy providing the same impact as qualifications of Citizens do.
That’s our core mission to enrich the gaming experience with new layers of interaction between players whilst keeping the balance in place and some real multiplayer action will help us a lot!

What’s required for Alpha?

In order to try Alpha you’ll need a MetaMask Ethereum digital wallet and some test Ether on Ropsten network to sign transactions and acquire properties in the Alpha. There is a simple way to get Ropsten Ether for free.

Here’s how to switch you MetaMask to the Ropsten network:

Who’s invited?

Registered MegaCryptoPolis player will have an invitation e-mail in case of he/she is:

  • Districts owner or ex-owner (if you ever had a District you’ll receive an invitation, even if you had already sold it to someone else);
  • Generation A Astronaut Citizen owner*;
  • Lion Pet owner*;
  • Major industry press.

* — as of October 21, 1 UTC PM, being it Ether or TRON asset.

There is still a chance to acquire one of the super exclusive Lion Pets during MCP3D game assets preorder or purchase a District on the open market.

If there is a special reason we’d have you on the list, please fill in this form.

IMPORTANT! Alpha test will be held only on the Ethereum network. Please note that in case you own an Astronaut or a Lion Pet on the TRON Network we kindly ask you to fill in this form so we’ll have your Ethereum address to grant access for the event.

Rewards for Alpha test participants

We couldn’t be more thankful for the time you’ll be abte to devote for Alpha. Keeping in mind that there is no way to transfer players’ achievements from Alpha to the final release, we decided to brings some thrill with valuable rewards for the most active participants:

  • At least 5 Exclusive Generation A “Alpha” Citizens
  • At least 10 Pets
  • At least 10 additional rewards

MCP Team will distribute rewards between the Alpha participants with the best results. Rewards will be will be minted to mainnet Ethereum digital wallets (same addresses as used to participate in Alpha) prior to the official game release.

Stay tuned!

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