MCP3D 2020 Development Roadmap

Features to be presented in the MegaCryptoPolis 3D in the upcoming year.

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6 min readDec 31, 2019


Now that the Microeconomy has finally launched the MCP3D development has just been started — here is the list of improvements to expect in the decentralized city by 2020.


Powerful analytic tools in the form of daily digest to outline the most important events happening in the MegaCryptoPolis.

Comprehensive data on all deals and listings, tokens production, districts and budget flows to make sure an average market price for every building type and level, every citizen generation, resource and material will always be open and reliable.

TRON Network Launch

Following the Multi-Chain expansion plan, a new blockchain will be added to the MegaCryptoPolis territory start of the next year — the TRON Network.

After the first District auction will bring us a winner, District will be opened to allow acquisition of land plots to celebrate an actual game start date. Buildings construction will be available on TRON for the very beginning.


All the Microeconomy tokens (Citizens, Pets, Appliances, Vehicles, Resources and Materials) are interoperable, that means they can be freely transferred between different blockchains. You can send any token from one blockchain to another within the MegaCryptoPolis multiverse using the Airport.

Airport interface sketch. Numbers are not real (or proposed to).

This may apply additional fees for transferring the token — think of it as a ticket price to move an asset. Technically a token will be burned on the originated blockchain and minted on a new one.

Updated Website

Fresh look and a new content structure planned for the MCP3D website to reflect ambitions for the future and more focus on blockchain tech education for new customers on-boarding, not to mention full responsive design that is compatible with all mobile and handheld devices.

Featured Market Listing

As the number of property market listings grows every day, the best way to highlight your offer and sell the asset fast is featuring the listing.

Available for a small fee, it will add a comment to your offer and bring it on top of all listings as well as feature on the official website and the Newspaper.

Free Citizen

Along with the new Tutorial, it will be the perfect way to give the game a try for new players. Most likely the Free Citizen will have all-1 Points qualifications and minimal Stamina. That will allow to try the MCP3D by renting a building and starting the first production cycle. Residential buildings will still require a second Citizen.

Free Citizen can be claimed only once per every wallet. Free Citizen can not be transferred to another wallet or sold on the market (including external exchanges like OpenSea).


Redesigned Tutorial will become the tip of the spear for the new players on-boarding. Explaining basics of the crypto wallets, signing transactions and tracking results in the game will lead to more educated blockchain users adopting dApps and the MegaCryptoPolis 3D multiverse.

With the motivation to get a Free Citizen by completing the Tutorial it will also become the core marketing tool in upcoming year.

Mobile Application

Mobile devices will be the core focus for MCP3D in 2020, considering this as a key for mass adoption.

Even regardless all the mess around mobile wallets and dApp browsers taking place these days, we believe there will be a way to hit appsotres with the top quality product.

Fiat Gateway Integrations

Having previously established partnerships to allow players acquire MCP3D Packs using credit cards, we are working to expand this even further with options to fulfill your wallet and in-game balances in a convenient manner.

Special Buildings & Transportation

One of the most significant Microeconomy improvements to be introduced next year with a new types of buildings called “Special”. They will require up to 6X4 land plot fields and a lot of resources to be constructed. Most likely, Special buildings will not have Influence Points metrics and will not impact surrounding buildings. Their efficiency will depend only on qualifications of the appointed Citizens management team (will require a lot of them).

Early draft for a Car Plant building.

The first building of that kind to be introduced in the MCP3D is a Car Plan. That will allow Cars and Helicopters production. Previously available only in Federal Packs, there is a very little vehicles offering on the market and considerable demand as the impact a Vehicle may have on the Citizens Stamina consumption is noticeable.


MegaCryptoPolis 3D will allow for placing ads on the Office and Commercial buildings (only Huge and Mega — 6 and 7 levels) and branding a whole District with desirable ads. We also expect to have “city” formats for the Level 1–5 buildings as well.

District owners will be provided with an option to place ads on all billboards and taxi cabs driving around the streets. Please note that all adverts will be moderated by MCP Team to keep the city landscape clean and sightly.

Avatar Mode

Walking down the streets of the decentralized city and communicating with other players using unique avatar will some day become real in the MCP3D. Along with Driving Mode and Public Transport feature that may bring infinite opportunities for interaction in a new dimension.

Guess what? We already have a Citizen walking in the Central Park.

Bus stops are planned to be added to highlight places of interest on the decentralized map and grant easy navigation on city streets.

Visual Diversity

Ability to customize your buildings with exclusive paints, street art and graffiti. Installed Appliances are also considered to become visible on buildings.

Constant Improvements

We continue to develop better UX/UI solutions for the every aspect of the game. MCP3D release may not deliver the best practice on every type of activity the game may require, so we are still into it to deliver improvements every next month.

MCP World

Just like the Microeconomy and Multi-Chain global concepts, there is more to come in upcoming years. We are still on a drawing board for new layers to be added in the future. All we can tell at the moment, it’s more about the actual non-crypto fun and further improvements for the Avatar Mode. Stay tuned =)

Happy New Year!

If you want to discuss any of the latest updates — stop by our Discord server or Telegram Group. Follow us on Twitter not to miss important announcements.

We’ll keep you posted!





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