MCP3D Alpha Results + Rewards

Stressing the Microeconomy model for 520+ days of gameplay.

Mega Crypto Polis
Nov 14 · 4 min read

MCP3D Alpha test was held in two stages, each lasting for at least a week. Internal game timer was set to make every game hour equal to a normal day, with rents and market auctions as exception being coordinated in real days.

That emulated approx. one and a half year of a real Microeconomy gameplay.

District #43 in the MCP3D Alpha featuring 88 Megas built in less than a week

On the first stage players were provided with unlimited resources that helped an Alpha city to grow really fast. If you are curious, you should check results following this link.

Beta participants started from a blank map with a limited set of Citizens, Materials, Resources and other game assets mimicking an average set of pre-ordered packages. Two more districts were opened to grant a serious stress for regional economies and a plenty of space to build.

MCP3D Beta in action

Not only do we have incredible results, there were no critical bugs found. Having that said, Beta will be prolonged for a week to end Nov 21.

The third stage (so-called Gamma) will be released no later than Nov 25 to demonstrate final adjustments to be made prior to the release.

District #149 and #151 will see changes in Taxation policy to demonstrate the difference in conditions those can be tuned up by District owners then. MegaCryptoPolis 3D was designed to be a self-regulating mechanism with an ability to control in-game math by District governers, not an MCP team.

Please keep in mind that game parameters may be changed! Results and methods demonstrated in Alpha or Beta may not exhibit actual values to be achieved in the final release — any aspect of the game can undergo significant adjustments!

Original MCP Shut Down

Remember the MegaCryptoPolis as it was presented in the 2D client for 1.5 years, these are the last days to enjoy the classics. The current version of MegaCryptoPolis will be closed Dec 1 for maintenance to be launched in the form of the MCP3D then.

Just a couple of weeks left to adjust your buildings for the Microeconomy — that option will become unavailable after Nov 30, buildings without predefined type will be adjusted automatically.


All the Ropsten Ether from Tax Funds was equally distributed between 10 players with the best results by total Influence Points generated by buildings in Alpha to help start in Beta, but that was just a fun part.

That helped us much in stressing the Microeconomy concept and figuring out what can be changed and adjusted for the final release. In order to show our gratitude a number of special rewards were prepared to be minted on participants mainnet wallets prior to the MCP3D launch.

Alpha & Beta unique Citizens

Yep, those all-8 and all-7 qualification points Citizens managing your buildings in the Alpha & Beta were not a coincidence. We plan to mint 5 of each for the test events participants provided the most support to the project. That way only 10 of them in total will ever exist*.

Other than that, 15 exclusive Red Lion Pet tokens will be send to the best performed 15 players as accounted by Alpha & Beta game results combined. All the Lions come with maximum +5 qualification boost for a Citizen, with an unique option to change a qualification for a one time.

That’s not all— a surprise we got here! Every participant of the Alpha or Beta test checked the game with their Ropsten testnet wallet will receive the most powerful Appliance a building can produce in the game — a Red Satellite that grants +5% bonus to Influence Points a building has.

Winners will be defined solely by the MCP Team and there will be no certain criteria on how rewards will be distributed, that’s just a way we’d like to send our warm thanks to our dear community.

* — actually one will be still able to breed all-8 or all-7 qualifications in the game then, just without that special avatar.

Stay tuned!

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Building the world’s largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on Ethereum blockchain.

Mega Crypto Polis

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Building the world's largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on the Ethereum blockchain. Join early:


Building the world’s largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on Ethereum blockchain.

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