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MCP3D Launch Dec 10 + Beta Rewards

Having all the tests gone smoothly we are heading up to the final release.

Can’t be more excited to announce the MegaCryptoPolis 3D release date. We’ve worked hard over the last year to build a new layer on top of the decentralized city gameplay to be launched 10 December 2019.

Last days left to switch a property type w/o a gas fee (available until Dec 1) — most importantly, you can now readjust a building type even if it was already confirmed (for those who purchased a confirmed property on the market or demolished a building to construct a new one). That can be done here.

Gamma Stage

The last Gamma test phase will take place from Nov 25 to Dec 5. Besides adjusted math, game client and UX improvements, a number of features will be presented in the MCP3D Gamma, just to name a few:

  • New buildings upgrading system (Lvl 5 -> Lvl 6 -> Lvl 7);
  • Uniting two Huges in a single Mega (Finally, we’ve done that!);
  • Demolishing a building now returns Resrouces;
  • Natural disasters (as they meant to be);
  • Make an offer (to purchase a token in the MCP3D);
  • Change a Citizen avatar (new service in Commercials);
  • Transfer a token (or make a gift);
  • Reports — every event is now logged to be then demonstrated in the Reports section, Manage a token screen and notifications.

All of the issues uncovered in the Beta have been fixed, and tested.


With everyone that makes up our community in mind we’d like to send a wram thanks for all the support and advice you’ve provided us with!

That’s just a little of what we can do to show how we appreciate that.

Test event rewards to be minted on the abovementioned wallets:

0x95ba…9e28 — Alpha Citizen + Gamma Citizen
0x3b0e…d0d9 — Alpha Citizen + Gamma Citizen
0xd8e4…d937 — Alpha Citizen + Gamma Citizen
0x2e02…f607 — Alpha Citizen + Gamma Citizen
0xf87d…d85f — Alpha Citizen + Gamma Citizen
0xc91b…823d — Beta Citizen + Gamma Citizen
0xe965…4c06 — Beta Citizen + Gamma Citizen
0x9312…1338 — Beta Citizen + Gamma Citizen
0xe375…ac77 — Beta Citizen + Gamma Citizen
0x9a14…d5e4 — Beta Citizen + Gamma Citizen
0xe1cb…b58f — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0x97b0…d5ce — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0xe8f9…0ed8 — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0xe1f9…ec56 — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0x4510…82ad — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0x26e0…dda3 — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0xdd07…649a — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0xea43…3d1d — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0xbaff…d032 — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0x1e0a…68a2 — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0xde09…fe15 — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0x08b3…499e — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0x9dd4…5b67 — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0xbb14…5a83 — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0x8dc3…2026 — Red Lion Pet + Gamma Citizen
0x0834…ae9e — Gamma Citizen
0x4638…afa2 — Gamma Citizen
0x2c34…0876 — Gamma Citizen
0x7c5a…dbc2 — Gamma Citizen
0xfd56…ea10 — Gamma Citizen
0x15ef…ece7 — Gamma Citizen
0x5dd3…932f — Gamma Citizen
0xab98…b90b — Gamma Citizen
0x3a3d…13fe — Gamma Citizen
0x85a3…7187 — Gamma Citizen
0x1187…8f0f — Gamma Citizen
0xebea…9419 — Gamma Citizen
0x407d…214f — Gamma Citizen
0x2ebf…a981 — Gamma Citizen
0x707f…96e0 — Gamma Citizen
0x451e…21db — Gamma Citizen
0x00c2…89e2 — Gamma Citizen
0x1a23…f113 — Gamma Citizen
0xe32c…da9c — Gamma Citizen
0xe9f3…e1e9 — Gamma Citizen
0x32e1…d9f8 — Gamma Citizen
0x0933…396e — Gamma Citizen
0x5893…4fca — Gamma Citizen
0x6eab…d576 — Gamma Citizen
0x3d7f…7c2c — Gamma Citizen

Every wallet in this list will also receive a Red Satellite top Appliances token.

A number of bonus rewards will be sent to our respected cimmunity members as a gratitude for long-term contribution to the MCP3D development:

0xA6fA…Af85 — 2 Alpha Citizens
0x8dc3…2026 — Beta Citizen
0x407d…214f — Beta Citizen

There will be also 3 Beta Citizens reserved for Gamma test stage mambers.

That way only 7 Alpha Citizens, 10 Beta Citizens and 50 Gamma Citizens will ever exist.

All the rewards will be delivered to winners’ wallets before Dec 15.

Other than that, let us please announce…

The Final Sale!

For a limited time only — from Nov 25 to Dec 10 every 10th Ethereum MCP3D Pack will grant a super exclusive Alpha Lion, a collectible +5 max bonus Pet to boost any Citizen performance in the game.

Alpha Lion Pet rewards will be minted before Dec 15 (after the ame launch).

Click here to join the event (available only for the Ethereum Packs)

Stay tuned!

Please feel free to share your opinion on upcoming updates in the official Discord server or Telegram group. Don’t miss out decentralized city news outlined in the daily Newspaper.

Subscribe to bi-weekly newsletter on the official website and follow us on Twitter not to miss important announcements!



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