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MegaCryptoPolis City Builder Game Guide

How to get started and succeed in decentralized city building on the Ethereum blockchain. Here are some basics first.

What is MegaCryptoPolis?

MegaCryptoPolis is a city builder strategy game utilizing distributed ledger technology to deliver absolutely new concept of independence and immutability with all assets owned by players and securely stored on Ethereum blockchain.

Decentralized approach assumes the main gaming server ( domain) is only hosting a GUI (graphical user interface) client for the game, while all the logic is operated by dApp running on Ethereum smart contracts. All the data requested by player (land plots info, buildings, influence points, etc.) is delivered directly from blockchain. Every time you request a land plot price game client will send request to dApp, not our server or some database.

Ultimate Mega Buildings of three different types.

Every action in the game is an immutable transaction on Ethereum network. Player is actually signing the transaction on a smart contract with his private key to make some impact on the game field. Information about performed action will be then included in one of the blockchain blocks and minted by thousands machines all over the world. May that be a construction, upgrading or selling a building, data will be stored in Ethereum network forever (or at least for the time of Ethereum network existence), it is transparent and can be checked by any other player in public blockchain scanner.

All the game assets are initially issued in form of cryptographically unique ERC-721 tokens. They are owned only by the player and are 100% secure as long as private key is kept by it’s owner in a secret. Like any other form of cryptocurrency, they can be freely traded or transferred to another wallet.

As no centralized database is controlled by a single party, there is no way developers can influence the game process after the smart contracts are deployed. Game logic, math and formulas will remain invariable whatsoever.

Just a starting point

Game development will not stop though ― actually that is the point where it all starts. MegaCryptoPolis team has a solid plan on making the decentralized city experience excitedly rich.

The first version of the game GUI will be released in form of 2D client built on HTML5 technology and will look like the improved version of preorder stage game making sure a smooth integration for all the players.

Influence and Ether values showing current game state in the internal POA testnet.

Players will be able to start building on their plots of land ― and this small step for UX is actually a giant leap for the whole project involving absolutely new smart contract design with the most complex architecture ever built using Solidity. From this milestone you can already perform sophisticated strategies on the game map developing a district, demolishing opponents and gaining influence points to govern the decentralized city.

The next step towards enriching gaming experience will be accomplished within next month-or-two with impressive 3D visualization prepared by our team. All game assets were initially built as a 3D models and then rendered into sprites for 2D version.

Three.js technology that is used for MegaCryptoPolis 3D client allows for running a graphically-rich OpenGL applications inside any browser that means one can literally take a walk around decentralized city districts on any desktop or mobile device without need of any special software or plug-ins.

This is just a work-in-progress, a fair screenshot of current 3D client development status.

Keeping that in mind we have done a full redesign of decorations in MegaCryptoPolis 2D client to fit the anticipated 3D version landscape:

Both clients are absolutely independent so one can run the game in a preferred way — thorough 2D or 3D experience. Most of all, there are already some alternative GUI clients for MegaCryptoPolis smart contracts developed by our respected community, and we really hope there will be more of them to come soon.

Being a transparent ecosystem with opened source code, one can establish his own client for MegaCryptoPolis game that actually means the project may never cease to exist even if developers will stop its support, for any reason.

Construction of your first building

On the day of a game start MegaCryptoPolis will allow players to build on their land plots. It’s up to player what type of building to construct.

In order to create a building, press “My Assets” page and select plot of land without a building. Pressing this button will also highlight all you blocks on the map. A building menu for a chosen land plot will appear:

GUI shows all requirements for different construction types.

Choose a type of building corresponding to your strategy or preferences. Some building types have special requirements those may need another type of building constructed or a resource around (within 7x7 area).

For example, Office building will require at least one Residential and one Energy building around, the same time you can construct a Residential building without any limitations. Those requirements will be shown in the building menu so you will always be informed on what is available at the moment.

Building price is defined by formula described in White Book (page 14) and depends mainly on District Tax set by District’s owner. Basic construction cost will be set as low as 0.005 ETH. Please be informed that some additional Ether may be required to pay for gas for the transaction to be included in blockchain (miner’s fee). There will be also a small fee for developers to help maintain game running costs.

Ether received from building is then distributed between Global Tax Fund and District Tax Fund. Total amount of Ether collected in those funds is shown on the top left corner of the game interface:

Every player has a right to claim part of these funds depending on Influence points collected during game.

Upgrading your construction

In order to maximize amount of Influence points generated by a building it should be upgraded to the highest level.

Select your building on the map or through “My Assets” page and press “Manage” button, then select “Upgrade” to see requirements:

Upgrading cost is defined by the same formula (White Book, page 14) and is also highly influenced by District’s Tax. Here is a sample calculation for construction and upgrading a building in a District with a maximum 100% tax:

Please note that some additional Ether may be required to pay for gas.

Collect influence points

The amount of Ether received from taxes funds by a player depends on his share of total influence points. Total amount of Influence points available to be collected at the moment shown in the right bottom corner:

Collecting influence points will transfer corresponding amount of Ether to your balance. You can collect it every day or wait till it is accumulated for up to 90 days and then collect with a single transaction. Ether from your balance can be withdrawn to your Ethereum wallet on demand.

Detailed report on how this influence is created is available under the “Reports” menu button as well as in every building information window.

Put your land plot on sale

Every player can publish an offer to buy his land plot in the integrated open market. Land plot will be offered with a building constructed on it. Land plot can also be sold without any building at all. Land plot sale offer will be then shown on the main game map as well as in the list under the “Market” button.

There are three major ways to put a land on sale:
• Make an offer for a land plot with a fixed price in Ether
• Start an ascending price auction
• Start a descending price auction

Auctions are based on a dutch model where the price is changing every hour and can be fixed by a buyer on the moment he decided to make a purchase. Player can set a period for his auction (from 1 to 90 days).

Demolishing a building

In case you are not satisfied with results of chosen tactics you can construct another building on your land plots ― demolishing is free (just a gas fee).

This will make your land plot spare and you can start building all over again.

Special announcement for district owners

We are excited to announce that dedicated manual for districts owners on how to manage your district and make maximum out of it will be published before the game launch.




Building the world’s largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on Ethereum blockchain.

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