MegaCryptoPolis Closed for the MCP3D Upgrade

Players are invited to try MCP3D Gamma on Testnet

Mega Crypto Polis
Dec 2, 2019 · 5 min read

Remember the days when MegaCryptoPolis was 2D — now that’s history.

Starting from December 10, an upgraded MegaCryptoPolis 3D version will become available on the Ethereum mainnet with the TRON release coming within a month or two.

5600.48 ETH Earned by Players So Far

MegaCryptoPolis had generated more than $3,000,000 in turnover and ~$1,300,000 Million in payouts (USD value for Ether) since May 2018.

There were almost 15 000 buildings constructed in the MegaCryptoPolis with 5% of ’em being upgraded to the maximum level (Huge/Mega buildings).

Mining will become Energy and Energy will become Industrial in the MCP3D. Utilities renamed to Municipal.

That creates a market for roughly 42 000–82 000 Citizens in the MCP3D, with only 4 526 Generation A Citizens currently distributed on Ethereum network that’s not even covering 10% of an average estimated value.

Only 2 627 MCP3D Packs left on Ethereum network with super offer during the Final Sale. Even considering that a Pack may contain more than one Citizen, there is roughly ~3 000 Generation A Citizens still available for preorder. A price for the every next Pack rises every time someone orders a Pack.

More historical data available in Macroeconomy report (as of Jan 2018).

Building Upgrades Redesigned for the MCP3D

Finally, now players will be able to unite two adjacent Huge buildings to a Mega one that will make a Huge building just a Level 6 step to upgrade the property to 7th Level.

Starting from Dec 10, there will be no option to upgrade 4 adjacent Level 5 buildings to a Mega directly, you’ll need to unite 2 adjacent Level 5 buildings to a single Level 6 and then unite a couple of adjacent Level 6 Huges to a Level 7 Mega.

Try The MCP3D Gamma!

Now there is an opportunity to check the Microeconomy in action with the MegaCryptoPolis 3D Gamma that is running on Ropsten Ethereum Test Network — now it’s available to everyone!

Acquire a land plot and construct a building using testnet Ether (grab it for free), try different building types, implement your strategy and trade with other players on the testnet market!

New features introduced in the MCP3D Gamma:
🔸 New buildings upgrading system (Lvl 5 -> Lvl 6 -> Lvl 7);
🔸 Demolishing a building returns Resources;
🔸 Natural disasters (as they meant to be);
🔸 Make an offer (to purchase a token in the MCP3D);
🔸 Change a Citizen avatar (new service in Commercials);
🔸 Transfer a token (or make a gift);
🔸 Reports — every event is now logged to be then demonstrated in the Reports section, Manage a token screen and notifications.

Customize your Citizen Avatar

Choose any operational Commercial building and click “Edit Avatar”:

Highlighted Resources

That’s not all — a couple of nice tweaks for the MCP3D client GUI:

Please note that game model and parameters may be changed during Gamma. Results demonstrated in Gamma may not exhibit actual values to be achieved in the final release — any aspect of the game can undergo significant adjustments!

How to Play Gamma

In order to try MegaCryptoPolis 3D Gamma you’ll need a MetaMask Ethereum digital wallet and some test Ether on Ropsten network to sign transactions and acquire properties in the Alpha.

Please follow these steps to start:

  1. Switch your MetaMask wallet to “Ropsten Test Network” using a selector in the top right corner (install MetaMask wallet if you don’t have one):

2. Open the link in your browser:

3. Grab some free Ropsten test Ether from the faucet to be able to sign transactions and acquire land plots in the MCP3D Gamma

4. Press a “Get Assets” button in bottom left corner to request test game items . Please sign the transaction and wait till it is confirmed

That will mint some Resources, Citizens, Pets and Cars those could be found on “My Assets” page within — normally it takes a minute or two. You can request demo assets for the Gamma one once

5. If you still have zero Resources some time after pressing the “Get Assets” button — please just refresh the page in a 5–10 minutes

Acquire a land plot and construct a building, rent it out or appoint a Citizen to start production. For Municipal buildings you’ll need to wait for a disaster to happen. For Commercial buildings you’ll receive Ether on your balance every time someone uses its services.

Gamma Rewards

Top 3 players with the most Influence Points in Gamma on Dec 10 will receive Generation A Beta Citizen — all-7 qualification points exclusive Genius tokens (to be delivered to the same wallets on mainnet before Dec 15).

Check rewards received by Alpha and Beta test participants.

Tell us What You Think!

Please feel free to share your opinion on upcoming updates in the official Discord server or Telegram group. Don’t miss out decentralized city news outlined in the daily Newspaper.

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Building the world’s largest decentralized city in the new…


Building the world’s largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on Ethereum blockchain.

Mega Crypto Polis

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Building the world's largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on the Ethereum blockchain. Join early:


Building the world’s largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on Ethereum blockchain.

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