MegaCryptoPolis Macroeconomy Report

Published in cooperation with industry leading dApps rating DappRadar it reveals statistics and sales data of one the most popular Ethereum dApps.

The original concept described in MegaCryptoPolis White Book was successfully implemented and formed a so-called “Macroeconomy” layer. “MegaCryptoPolis Macroeconomy Report” gives an in-depth review of the first 10 months of decentralized city operation results.

“Macroeconomy Report”, page 12.

With only 15 000 active dApp users reported on the market, MegaCryptoPolis has almost 10 000 of them on board. Rapid growth of the first decentralized city was naturally limited by buildings requirements those will be eliminated in MegaCryptoPolis 3D.

“Macroeconomy Report”, page 6.

A major update coming this year to MegaCryptoPolis with a whole new “Microeconomy” layer to be built on top of existing game assets.

  • Macroeconomy includes immutable Districts, Land Plots and Buildings;
  • Microeconomy layer introduces the new class of collectible assets like Citizens, Pets, Resources and Appliances to enrich Macroeconomy layer and bring more depth to the gaming world.

Along with that, visual part of MegaCryptoPolis game client will also have it’s update — decentralized city and will become 3-Dimensional right in your browser. Read more in our previous article.

In order to incentivize the Microeconomy a very limited supply of game assets will be distributed during special event that will take place later in March 2019. Maximum of 20 000 Generation A Citizens will be created during this event with only 10 Ultimate 10/10 qualification Generation A Astronauts.

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