Microeconomy in MegaCryptoPolis

Having the major roadmap for the decentralized city builder game successfully completed, we proceed to further development of the MegaCryptoPolis project.

3D client was listed as one of the possible future development options in the project White Book, but we assumed that only visual upgrade would not be enough. That city tax funds are stagnating and it becomes more and more complicated for a new player to get in. So, now we have solution for that.

This will be the major upgrade for MegaCryptoPolis economy.

Firstly, buildings will become something more than just Influence points generators. Secondly, surroundings will no longer limit upgrades for your constructions. Most importantly, district owners will be provided with more controls over economy on their territories. And that’s just where it all starts.

New functions for existing types of buildings:

  • Residential buildings will start producing citizens;
  • Offices will give citizens jobs;
  • Commercial buildings will train citizens and change their appearance;
  • Municipal buildings will gain insurance funds in case of natural disasters;
  • Mining buildings will produce resources required to construct new buildings;
  • Production buildings will produce complex resources required to upgrade buildings;
  • Industrial buildings will produce Electricity and Water that is required for other buildings to operate.


Every citizen is a unique collectible token that can help to maintain operations in MegaCryptoPolis 3D. Can be appointed to any building to unleash its maximum performance. May also be used as player’s avatar.

Citizen’s qualifications define how they can perform in different types of buildings — they determine Citizen’s salary in Offices, prices of services for customers in Commercial, share of the Insurance Fund to be received by Municipal building, amount of resources to be created in Mining, Energy and Production buildings.

Production Chain

Elaborated production chain will be the core of MegaCryptoPolis 3D microeconomy as all resources can be traded freely between players.

Resources are required to construct and upgrade buildings. Energy and Water is required to produce resources and maintain operations. Some resources can be used to produce complex resources and upgrades.

Upgrades are pieces of hardware that can tweak building performance. Some types of upgrades can be produced in Factory buildings using resources.

Collectible Pets

Companions that can bring additional bonus for building performance.

Every Pet is a unique non-fungible ERC-721 token stored on the Ethereum blockchain. It can’t be changed or altered within time.

Pets can be obtained only during special events or promotions. Pet tokens can’t be created in game.

We believe that will create a whole new microeconomy as an additional layer on top of traditional MegaCryptoPolis gameplay mechanics.

Detailed Concept Description

Read more in the MegaCryptoPolis 3D Draft Paper.

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This article describes only the possible direction of MegaCryptoPolis game development. There is no warranty, expressed or implied, that this functionality will be developed or released, ever. MegaCryptoPolis service is provided on an “as is” and “under development” basis.