New chains, less Packs, prices raising with every next Pack sold.

Mega Crypto Polis
Aug 12 · 3 min read

As described in the recent Draft Book update, MegaCryptoPolis 3D is getting ready to launch on new chains. Here is how the total number of the Microeconomy pre-order packs will be distributed between new networks.

Only 15'000 Packs with unique Generation A Citizens is available during pre-oder. A half of them (7'500) was intended for the Ethereum network.

Packs available on the Ethereum network:

  • Local Packs — 2500 SOLD OUT;
  • Urban — 2250 with only 1554 left at the moment;
  • Mayor — 1500 and 1234 left;
  • Federal — 1250 with only 987 left.

Another 7'500 Packs will be distributed equally between 3 new networks MegaCryptoPolis 3D will be launched on (~830 each): 825 Local, 750 Urban, 500 Mayor and 415 Federal Packs.

Starting from 12 August, with the every Pack sold a price for the next one will become higher for 0.15–0.25%.

The initial price of all the Packs presented on a new blockchain will be at least 10–15% higher than its initial price on the Ethereum network.

A chance of receiving an Astronaut (exclusive Generation A Citizen with all top 10 Points qualifications) will be equally distributed between all the packs across all the networks. There is at least a couple more Astronauts to be revealed on the Ethereum network with the best chance in Federal Packs.


Starting from 12 August, special batching discounts will become available:

  • 3–4 Packs of a single type — 5%
  • 5–9 Packs — 10%
  • 10–24 Packs — 15%
  • 25+ — 20%

Return of The King

Purchasing a single batch of Packs worth 5 ETH or more will grant you an exclusive Lion Pet that brings the maximum bonus for one of a Citizen’s qualifications when paired in the game.

There are only 7 Lion Pets minted so far during the special MegaCryptoPolis 1st Year celebration event (required a purchase of 3.5 ETH Mega Bundle).

Hardcoded 3X Growth

Generation A Citizen Packs will be available even after the MCP3D launch (if not sold out prior to this day) remaining constantly raising prices. The last Pack of its type is hardcoded to have 3X its initial price tag.

That makes sure every new Citizen token created in the game despite being the next Generation, will still have be in demand on the open market.

Preorder Your Microeconomy Pack Today

Stay Tuned!

Tell us what you think about upcoming updates on the official Discord server and Telegram group. Visit the official website and follow us on Twitter not to miss important announcements!

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Building the world’s largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on Ethereum blockchain.

Mega Crypto Polis

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Building the world's largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on the Ethereum blockchain. Join early:


Building the world’s largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on Ethereum blockchain.

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