The revolution behind MegaCryptoPolis 3D Demo

High-fidelity graphics city builder game based on the blockchain technology that can actually run on any mobile device.

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4 min readMar 5, 2019


Most casual gaming occurs on smartphones these days and we believe it is the place where a crypto mass adoption will finally hit us.

Most contemporary games using DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) either made on Unity or just don’t imply complex visuals to manage its collectible NFTs. Thing is that Unity products are not able to run in mobile dApp browsers. Along with that, wrapping them in mobile apps brings a significant risk of being rejected by appstores. Worth trying, ah?

Actual MegaCryptoPolis 3D gameplay screenshot made on iPhone 6.

MegaCryptoPolis initially started from the very basic concept of browser-based HTML5 game client with major focus on game assets and economy. Well, that had results. Having that established, a plenty of opportunities for further improvements opened. 3D client was one of the most anticipated features described in original White Book.

MegaCryptoPolis concept and art were designed to fit mobile screens and perform on any device in a convenient manner. Buildings were originally modelled in low poly to be rendered for 2D prototype as well.


It’s an honour for us to present you the first iteration of MCP 3D game client:

Though it may still be just a limited functionality demo version, what it actually shows is that MegaCryptoPolis 3D can be accessed on any mobile device (with the help of digital wallet like Trust Wallet or Coinbase Wallet).

MCP 3D uses native WebGL tools for rendering visuals and environment effects right in your browser, working with care of your device’s memory.

What is worth mentioning, MCP has a number of underlying technologies to make a residence in virtually decentralized city real. 3D client is just a single step as we move from basics to the top, UX/UI improvements will follow.

The Future

That said, MCP 3D is not only about visual changes. A whole new layer of “Microeconomy” to be implemented on top of current gameplay. New asset types to be produced in the game (Citizens, Appliances and Resources) and freely traded between players in the form of ERC-721 tokens.

Microeconomy concept enriches every building type in a different way, that may impact a player’s choise — so, we thought it isa good idea to offer an opportunity for switching a building type once before the update (with no fees and gas consumtion). That option will be announced a bit later and can be accomplished right in the 3D client. Players will be able to have building of another type of the same level on the same land plot minted in the form of new ERC-721 token for the MegaCryptoPolis 3D Microeconomy launch date.

Top smartphone models are able to run MCP 3D in “High Details” mode.

That’s the reason why every building in 3D Demo is shown as a construction site at the moment — right after the player will confirm building type for the Microeconomy layer his construction will appear in 3D immediately.

Don’t miss out!

In order to create initial supply of game assets for the Microeconomy concept a Presale event is planned for 18 March 2019. Limited number of game assets will be provided to start production and help others to develop their land plots in a fast-growing decentralized city.

This event is also an unique opportunity to get collectible Pet tokens those will be not produced in the game later (available only during special events).

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