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Using the Power of Polygon to Build Metaverse with NFT Marketplace

MegaCryptoPolis city builder game transforms into a virtual world to enable trading NFTs on the scarce gaming map using Polygon (formerly Matic Network).

MegaCryptoPolis has implemented Matic Network as a Layer 2 scalability solution for Ethereum network past year to eliminate gas fees and make transactions instant that resulted in growth of the Funds up to 550 ETH (major indicator of activity in the game) and monthly trading volume of $350'000.

Starting from March 3, 2021 the second part of the MegaCryptoPolis gaming map running on TRON Network will also migrate to Polygon (Matic).

Recent changes in TRON Network raised a chance of failure for complex actions like creating Citizen tokens in a Mega Residential and constructing complex buildings. That resulted in 50–175 TRX lost in fees for Energy.

Polygon integration will eliminate the filed transaction issue and make most actions in the game absolutely free for all the players (costs on L2 are covered by game developers) nevertheless maintaining all operations in a purely decentralized manner.

Tokens to be transferred to Matic network: Citizens, Pets, Cars, Resource Packs, Appliances. Land plots, $MEGA and District tokens stay on TRON. Actions to be performed on TRON Network (may still require Energy):

  • Purchase a land plot (place a land plot for sale)
  • Make an offer for a land plot
  • Rent a land plot (place a land plot for rent)
  • Place a bid on District, purchase a District (place a District for sale)
  • Upgrading Level 5 to Huge (Level 6) and Level 6 to Level 7 (Mega)

The integration will be done absolutely seamless, with no significant changes for players — using the same TRON wallet to sign transactions and no need to switch between networks.

MegaCryptoPolis TRON gaming map will be closed for maintenance on March 1, 2021 to finish the migration process. Ethereum gaming map will be unavailable for a couple of hours on that day.

MCP World

MegaCryptoPolis will use Polygon for the major transformation to a metaverse planned this year.

The upcoming World upgrade will transform the decentralized city to a virtual world. A new layer of gameplay will allow players to walk down the street with their Citizen as avatar, drive a Car token, build their own apartment, display and sell collectable NFTs.

The MegaCryptoPolis map will become a global marketplace where NFTs could be presented as visually attractive objects in the 3D world, not a boring lists in 2D interface. Players will be able to explore the world, enter random buildings to discover rare NFTs presented by other players.

The first MCP World demo is scheduled for Q2 2021.

Just like in a real estate, “location, location, location” are the three things that matter in the virtual city. There is a limited number of available land plots and Districts in the MegaCryptoPolis, no new lands will be created ever. Choose a land plot on the gaming map today or become a District governor to receive a share from every other player’s action.

It is the time to start building your presence in the World of future!

Stay tuned!

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