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Update: Introducing a new casino and the ability to change environments!

What’s New

Poker VR launched with a plethora of new features that made it the most comprehensive social product built for Mobile VR. Today, we are launching another feature: the ability to change environments.

With this new feature comes a new casino environment that takes inspiration from the casinos of the past and combines it with the futuristic universe of Mega Particle. The casino features more traditional casino colors but retains the competitive and more vibrant feel that the original Poker VR environment is known for.

To check out this casino, select the environments category from the main radial menu or check for an environments table in the lobby. Once in the area, you can quickly preview different environments available without any loading time. To unlock and use this environment, you have to surpass rank 6 in Poker VR.

How is Poker VR doing?

Poker VR was a huge undertaking and it was designed with a lot of assumptions about Social VR, Poker and Design in VR. We are proud to say that Poker VR has shown 100% or more improvement in almost all metrics compared to Casino VR Poker; even though Casino VR Poker was available on three major VR platforms whereas Poker VR has only launched on one (yet). We can’t be more excited about the future! As always, there is much more to come.

Poker VR is just starting, help us improve it.

Join the Poker VR community discord to give feedback and suggestions. Discord is also great for keeping in touch with people you meet in Poker VR, take part in exclusive quests and if you are pro enough, be able to host your own events and tournaments!

What is Poker VR?

Poker VR is a free to play multiplayer poker game available on Samsung Gear VR and coming soon to Oculus Go and Rift. If you enjoy real life poker, Poker VR is the closest thing to that awesome experience. Check out what’s different in Poker VR from Casino VR Poker.



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