Introducing the High Rollers Poker Tournament

Hamza Siddiqui
Jul 20, 2017 · 3 min read

Win Multiple Oculus Rift + Touch bundles, Gift cards and much more! Tournament takes place on 20th August, 1 pm PST.

It’s time to up the ante! For a over a year now, we’ve been running regular poker tournaments in Casino VR Poker. Traditionally, these tournaments have always been free roll with only virtual prizes. As the tournaments have become bigger and bigger, so too should the prizes, right?

And so, we’re now introducing…

…the High Rollers Poker Tournament! A by-invitation-only tournament that will showcase real skill in poker. And the prizes? They’re as real as the skill needed to win them. Up for grabs are Oculus Rifts, hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards, and Casino VR Poker goodies!

Not just that, for the first time the winner is going to get $5 million Casino VR Poker chips! Been looking for ways to climb the leaderboard? Look no further, this is it!

Prize Pool for the High Rollers Tournament in Casino VR Poker

The prize pool for the last table includes a whopping 10.75 million Casino VR Poker chips, 3 Oculus Rift + Touch Bundles, $400 in Gift Cards, and Tournament shirts and card decks across the board!

With stakes so blisteringly high, this poker tournament will be a showcase for poker skill and wits. Everyone is going to start with 10,000 chips and 10/20 blinds. Every 7 minutes, the blinds will increase as the game becomes more and more competitive. In order to have any hope of getting to that final table, you’ll have to observe not just the actions of players but how they are acting. Your fellow players will bluff, trick and most likely, talk smack. In Virtual Reality, you can observe their verbal and non-verbal cues to figure out if they are indeed holding those pocket Aces or not. This isn’t just any online game. Sharp minds, ears and eyes will prevail. Practice, practice, practice!

Inside your game resides a golden ticket, just waiting to be unlocked and purchased.

Starting today, you’ll find a golden ticket to the High Rollers Tournament in our Gear VR application (and soon on Oculus Rift). Think you have what it takes? There are three ways to unlock the ticket to the tournament:-

  • Survive the sharks and play in the Pro Casino for a total of 2 hours.
  • Place in the top 3 in any of the satellite tournaments (check the app for the exact schedule).
  • Attempt to bribe (or otherwise curry favor with) Marco, our resident pit boss.

Once you successfully achieve any of these objectives, the ticket will unlock, and can then be purchased for 100,000 Casino VR Poker chips. Purchase your ticket, and you’ll have a spot in the tournament.

Our first ever tournament featured an Oculus Rift as a prize before any consumer-ready headset had launched. That event proved to us that virtual reality is going to revolutionize poker. We had never seen such excitement and emotion emerge from an online poker game before. Since then, every poker tournament in VR has been an absolute blast to witness. All of which was only made possible by our amazing community. As fans of poker, we can’t wait to see who will be crowned champion this time.

Your fans,
The Mega Particle Team

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