Murder in Space — Episode 2

Continued from episode 1….

It was such a sad sight. Dagger blinked on and off repeatedly until he finally disappeared into thin air. The worst part, his chips were missing. Yes, that was the worst part!

The Casino was on lockdown. No one was allowed to click their buttons and leave until the VR Police interrogated the players. Marco led the investigation, telling everyone to settle down and quit their bitching. (like that did any good)

The first on a loonnggg list of alternative accounts, was 888, Bmu, UKUNZ and his other 148 accounts. And it was looking like the investigation pointed to 888. He was a slippery character who had been reprimanded by Marco in the past. Realizing the finger was pointing at him, possibly even the middle finger, 888 incriminated a certain sweaty f*** on the table. The thing is, Marco couldn’t get a word in edgewise as 888 and his alternate id’s kept bitching about the sweaty donkey. Yet, at one point in the evening, Zaf popped in to find 1.2 million chips in front of 888. Go figure! Marco immediately took the multi-account holder off the suspect list as he couldn’t shut him up. Still pissed off, 888 and his AKA’S drove away in 150 priuses. Not that anybody wants that car!

Also in the Casino that night was Djroccalot, and he was next on Marco’s list. It seems Dj had a solid alibi and a permanent case of paranoia…possibly from the strange smelling cigarettes he smoked. Nonetheless, he’d left the casino before Dagger’s murder to Disc Jockey the wedding of Winnrubu and Fauxloon.

Most of the patrons bided their time by tilting back their heads and staring up at the unrealistic twinkling stars. But Marco was determined to find the murderer and kept jumping from table to table avoiding the poker play. That only got him a scolding from Dolores, the dealer: “You scared or what.”

Next on his list, the Banshee sisters, Zaf and Brieale…

To be continued…