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Poker VR is going out of beta today with a big update

This update is also introducing matchmaking, automatic table spawning. We also redesigned the poker table to make it more social and comfy.

The early feedback on Poker VR — Beta has been really encouraging. Even though the game’s first release was very rough around the edges, it astoundingly proved our premise that Mobile VR can be more engaging than most people realize and that this comes down to experimentation and improving UX. Poker VR is seeing a spike in almost all metrics of engagement!

This update is focused on polishing the experience and making all the different features of the game work well together. Here’s what’s new.


Since Poker VR has a Ranks system, we are using this to also launch our first matchmaking module. You are not sure where you should play? Just press “Play now” and we would find you a table that has similar players playing.

Automatic table generation

The biggest issue we noticed during Beta was that most of the tables are full and that a lot of users are just waiting in the lobby to find a seat at a table. With this update, the game will automatically detect if it needs to spawn new poker tables so you always have space to play.

A more social and comfy poker table

We also completely redesigned the poker table to optimize social interactions. With this new table setting you can see and hear everyone clearly and the experience really feels like people sitting together and enjoying their favorite game, poker.

New Avatars

This update is launching three new avatars and ethnicities. Many more to come.

Fixing a lot of bugs and polishing the experience

We have squashed lots of bugs to make this release more stable, and also improved user experience drastically. This includes a new type of tutorial that comprehensively teaches all controls, a new way to tell you about the different features of the game without being intrusive. Apparently most important of all, finally the poker hand showdown now correctly shows cards based on poker rules.

Poker VR is just starting, help us improve it

Join the Poker VR community discord to give feedback and suggestions. Discord is also great for keeping in touch with people you meet in Poker VR, take part in exclusive quests and if you are pro enough, be able to host your own events and tournaments!

What is Poker VR?

Poker VR is a free to play multiplayer poker game available on Samsung Gear VR and coming soon to Oculus Go and Rift. If you enjoy real life poker, Poker VR is the closest thing to that awesome experience. Check out what’s different in Poker VR from Casino VR Poker.




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