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Showcasing cross-platform Poker VR with Phil Hellmuth at VRLA — 2018

Poker VR is will have a big presence at VRLA — one of the biggest conferences dedicated to Virtual Reality — and we have a lot planned to make this conference a HUGE event for our community.

Here is what you can expect:

  • For the first time, we will be showcasing cross platform functionality of Poker VR between PC VR, Standalone VR and Mobile VR! If you have been excited about our Rift/Vive app, you can be the first to try that out in the conference!
  • Phil Hellmuth, a record 14 times World Series of Poker Champion, will be attending the conference and talking about the future of Poker and VR.
  • Poker VR and VRLA are partnering to run an onsite final table tournament on May 5th! 4 lucky attendees of VRLA will get the chance to play against Phil Hellmuth and a surprise guest (hint: he’s a twitch streamer — more details coming soon).
  • Through out the conference attendees can win Poker VR goodies and the final table will feature some big prizes!
  • Join our discord to win tickets to the conference and much more!

Expect more teasers and sneak peaks into our plans by following us on Facebook, Twitter or joining our Discord server! We are very excited to be a part of this, see you all at VRLA!

Poker VR is just starting, help us improve it.

Join the Poker VR community discord to give feedback and suggestions. Discord is also great for keeping in touch with people you meet in Poker VR, take part in exclusive quests and if you are pro enough, be able to host your own events and tournaments!

What is Poker VR?

Poker VR is a free to play multiplayer poker game available on Samsung Gear VR and coming soon to Oculus Go and Rift. If you enjoy real life poker, Poker VR is the closest thing to that awesome experience. Check out what’s different in Poker VR from Casino VR Poker.




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Hamza Siddiqui

Hamza Siddiqui

Founder & CEO @ Myr & Mega Particle. Building the metaverse, one game at a time.

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