The Mutant Update and Poker VR Championship

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4 min readOct 18, 2018


It’s been a few months since Poker VR came out on Oculus Rift and quite some time since our last major update on all platforms and oh boy this is a big one.

Poker VR: Mutant update is available now on Oculus Go, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR!

This update features the following:

  • Introducing 8 new “mutated” avatars because why be human when you can be a tiger or a cat or a monkey or whatever floats your boat.
  • Everything is interact-able on the poker table (Rift only). Throw chips in style to go all in!
  • Set your own play station the way you want and re-arrange your items (Rift only).
  • There are more gifts to choose from. Press trigger to enable special animations.
  • Poker VR Tournaments now show real time information and have an improved table balancing mechanism.
  • Poker VR Championship is happening on 21st October, 2 pm PST due to this update!

Not just any avatars

Now you can choose to be a tiger or cat or monkey or another animal because why be human? Inspired by the popular Netflix series, BoJack Horseman, the mutant update brings animal like avatars to the Mega Particle Universe. Unlocking these avatars is not easy though, play the game between October 18th and 20th and wait for a certain UFO to appear and apply some…. magic.

Poker VR is known for the most expressive avatars available in a Social VR app. You can expect the same level of functional realism from these “mutant” avatars as the other human ones. From eye contact to realistic mouth movements, Poker VR avatars feel natural, social and most importantly they act and feel like you!

Improving UX on Rift

Poker VR has been out on Oculus Rift for a few months and since launch this is our biggest update yet!

Your table is your own to set

On Rift, Poker VR players can now re-arrange items and set their own play station. There is a boundary system that gets activated whenever you pick up an item and guides you about where you can place them and where it might be evading other’s personal space.

EVERYTHING is interact-able

Not just arrange your station but EVERYTHING is interact-able. Throw chips in style to go all in or through a wine battle at someone else (equally classy). The choice is yours.

New Gifts!

Tournaments, Tournaments, Tournaments

We have been continuously making improvements to table balancing and this update solidifies this format even more. Now, every tournament shows an info center in the middle of the casino. Not just that, but players will get a notification when the game state changes, like blind level increases.

Poker VR Championship!

All of the above is enabling us to run the first ever Poker VR Championship! The championship main event is happening this Sunday, 21st of October at 2 pm PST, 5 pm EST.

Over a 1000 players contended in the qualifier tournaments over the course of 2 months and 70 players won tickets to the main event. Poker VR Championship represents the best of Poker and VR. Phil Hellmuth, 15 times WSOP Champion, will be taking part and live streaming the event on Twitch as well.

Watch the stream at

Other bug fixes in this update include:

  • Fixed a bug where some players will get the big blind twice in a row.
  • Streamers can now join the table as spectators even if they have been disqualified from the tournament earlier.

Help Poker VR improve and join the discussion!

Join the Poker VR community discord to give feedback and suggestions. Discord is also great for keeping in touch with people you meet in Poker VR, take part in exclusive quests and if you are pro enough, be able to host your own events and tournaments!

What is Poker VR?

Poker VR is a free to play multiplayer poker game available on Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR. If you enjoy real life poker, Poker VR is the closest thing to that awesome experience.



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