A small step for Megsoft, a big step for youths in the Dominican Republic

On display: The invaluable skill of looking as serious and adult as the topics you are discussing.

On June 10th, Youth Speak Forum took place in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for the very first time. Megsoft — along with 5 other organizations and companies — was there in a collaborative effort to engage, inspire, and debate with the Dominican youth on several topics that affect their future as job seekers and residents of the Dominican Republic.

Organized by the AIESEC, the largest youth-led organization in the world, the forum is an international event that seeks to put young entrepreneurs and corporations in the same room. The purpose is to kick-start a dialogue that will see the young adults inquiring about the topics relevant to them, sharing their ideas, and collaborating on projects to enact social action and have a real impact in the world.

With FUNGLODE as the venue, on June 10th young Dominicans from all over the country had the opportunity to come together to discuss and get involved in the solutions to the unfortunate realities of their country; realities that range everywhere from alarming illiteracy rates, to poor water sanitation, and an inadequate power sector that has traditionally bottle-necked the country’s economic growth — to name a few.

Megsoft, in collaboration with Microsoft Dominicana, held one of the 5 workshops taking place, with a focus on industry, innovation and infrastructure. Moderated by our Marketing Specialist, Andrimel Carrasco; Héctor Minaya (Software Architect), Raúl Montero (Software Developer) and Odalis Beltré (Operations Assistant) represented us as speakers in the panel — along with Microsoft representative Mabel Gerónimo (Technical Evangelist).

In case you doubted their determination, notice how not a single one was checking their Twitter. Marvelous.

While we made sure we prepared to tackle the subjects at hand, head on, what we did not account for was the sheer amount of enthusiasm, energy and genuine passion from the group of young entrepreneurs that participated in the workshop. It was a truly inspiring experience for our representatives to engage with a crowd so determined to drive change, and a testament to the potential of Dominican young adults. There were more questions than we had time for, more ideas than we could have anticipated, and between lively discussions and rapid-fire inquiries, 7 promising projects were selected, for a chance to realize the change they envisioned.

It was an incredible honor to be part of the event, and on behalf of everyone at Megsoft, we would like to thank AIESEC for the opportunity to participate, Microsoft representative Mabel Gerónimo for working with us, and all the young Dominicans who joined us that afternoon and made it such a rewarding experience.

Left | Megsoft representatives (Clockwise): Odalis Beltré, Raúl Montero, Andrimel Carrasco, Héctor Minaya. Right | Microsoft representative: Mabel Gerónimo.