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Meet MELD — Andrew Klein

Chief Marketing Officer 🚀

Andrew Klein— LinkedIn Profile

Welcome to Meet MELD

This is a series to provide some insight and understanding to the faces behind the MELD team. We have a vast range of engineers, designers, economists, advisors, and researchers from all parts of the world including the United States, Norway, Sweden, Vietnam, Japan, Canada, and with more partnerships, new team members, and advisors joining the MELD team, this list just keeps on expanding and getting better!

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Andrew Klein

LinkedIn Profile

Andrew has more than 12 years of experience in Digital Marketing with five of those in Crypto Marketing working as the CMO of MELD and previously the Director of Marketing for Bitpay and Nervos. As well as this, he has done consulting for projects on all of the major blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, and now Cardano.

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I’m currently the Chief Marketing Officer for MELD. My main focus is to enable the team to execute web3 marketing in the DeFi space while ensuring we have the proper strategy and the right team. I do a lot of educating since there is no textbook on how to transition to web3 from web2 and many marketers aren’t the most technical people.

I was a former head of marketing at BitPay and Nervos where I led the teams. I was in traditional payments at Worldpay and before that I lived in Jamaica and worked at Sandals resorts in digital marketing! I have started several e-commerce and consulting companies over the years as well.

I got into crypto back in 2012 by helping a friend use a hotel server to mine crypto as an IT guy who managed a linux environment. I ALMOST bought an ASIC miner back then (VERY Much to my regret). I was obsessed with the trustless nature of crypto and the potential new paradigm shift that I saw coming.

I like the open-mindedness of the crypto community. We all have our factions, but we are all in it for the greater good of both the success of crypto, and the potential to change the world. I love the DeFi and GameFi spaces more than the rest. Utility NFTS are great as well and generally tie in into these categories.

In 1995 only .5% of the world was using the internet. In 2022 over 60% use it daily. Currently in 2022 only .5% of the world has used bitcoin. With the parabolic nature of technology and the free flow of information, I think it will accelerate much more quickly than the internet and we could see as much as 10–15% of the world using crypto by then. While I don’t think we will see BTC at $1M by then, it will definitely be in the 6 figures to stay!

I wish I had a good answer to that question! I’ve been a tennis player my whole life; however, now I’m focusing on golf which is an amazing medication for a “crypto brain” that never shuts off.

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MELD — Be Your Own Bank

We think it’s essential for everyone to gain control of their financial lives and have equal access to financial instruments used by professionals, not just centralized institutions, governments, or the 1%. We want to provide financial freedom and control to the masses, including the unbanked.

We have a long-term goal to enable the $15 trillion that is currently locked out of the global economy, including 2 billion individuals worldwide that are either underbanked or have no access to banking services whatsoever, access to these tools. These are the people that are paying the highest fees, getting the worst customer service, and they are the ones that are having the most problems.

Our vision is to create an ecosystem that empowers individuals to regain financial control by providing them with the tools and services they need to manage their money on their terms. Whether that be creating a collateralized debt position (CDP) with cryptocurrency, earning an interest return for lending fiat to borrowers, or even participating in reward incentive programs, we strive to provide our users with the functions they need to manage their own financial lives.

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