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MELD Ambassador Club โ€” Round 3 ๐Ÿš€

The MELD Ambassador Program expands into the world!


The current MELD Ambassador program has been a plethora of excitement and novelty โ€” thanks to each and every one of you amazing people โค

It started at 0! And then we had a few interested community members wanting to join and help out where they can, and then it turned into 40+ AMAZING individuals who all had an interest in helping MELD grow into what it is today.

MELD Ambassador Typeform Application

Read below to find out what the program is all about!

๐Ÿฅณ๏ธ The MELD Ambassador Club๐ŸŽ‰

MELD represents an initiative to blend and merge the fiat world with the crypto world in a way that is decentralized, trustless, and non-custodial allowing access to useable fiat from the value locked within crypto assets.

If you believe in the MELD vision, want to support this initiative, and want to help promote the future of finance then we want you to join us!

MELD Ambassadors are key players within the MELD ecosystem and are foundational to the increase in awareness within the Greater Cardano ecosystem, other blockchains, and the world!

As a MELD Ambassador, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Rewarded in MELD tokens every month
  • Invite-only MELD core team Ambassador Telegram group chat
  • Exclusive insights into upcoming events, software previews, and private MELD Ambassadors updates from our Core Team members.
  • Exclusive NFTs
  • Limited Edition MELD Merchandise
  • Gain valuable experience within the blockchain and DeFi industry
  • Greater involvement within MELD

๐ŸŽญ Roles

The MELD Ambassador program consists of more than 40 Content Creators, Content Engagers, and Community Managers from around the world:

Content Creators create various forms of media, ranging from blog posts, tweets, images, gifs, memes, YouTube videos, Podcasts, and any other form of content output that aligns with and supports the MELD vision.

MELD is multilayered (DeFi + Crypto + Traditional Finance) and that needs to be broken down and explained in bite-size chunks that are visually appealing and engaging for different audiences. We are open to all creative ideas you can come up with to promote the MELD vision!

Eligibility Requirements
You have previously published content and want to create more!
Write 1 piece of content per week

Content Engagers understand the brand, interact with the content produced, and support and answer any other comments pertaining to the content

Eligibility Requirements
You have an account on one of our used social media platforms:
Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, Youtube, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit

Community Managers play a vital role in the MELD ecosystem. As a CM, you will be the one that keeps the conversation happening. Well-versed and adept at moderating various channels across Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and others, you will share content and keep the conversation lit!

Eligibility Requirements
Experience managing Telegram, Reddit, or Discord chats

๐Ÿ’ธ Remuneration

Content Creators, Content Engagers, and Community Managers are paid through a tiered system that is evaluated monthly. As a MELD Ambassador, you can earn more money by generating value on a consistent basis for MELD โ€” subject to the MELD Community Management team.

Tier 1
$250 USD worth of MELD tokens paid monthly.
Tier 2
$500 USD worth of MELD tokens paid monthly.
Tier 3
$1000 USD worth of MELD tokens paid monthly.

Apply to be a MELD Ambassador

The MELD Community Management team reviews potential candidates monthly. Apply today by filling out the form below! ๐Ÿ‘‡
MELD Ambassador Typeform Application

MELD โ€” Be Your Own Bank

We think itโ€™s essential for everyone to gain control of their financial lives and have equal access to financial instruments used by professionals, not just centralized institutions, governments, or the 1%. We want to provide financial freedom and control to the masses, including the unbanked.

We have a long-term goal to enable the $15 trillion that is currently locked out of the global economy, including 2 billion individuals worldwide that are either underbanked or have no access to banking services whatsoever, access to these tools. These are the people that are paying the highest fees, getting the worst customer service, and they are the ones that are having the most problems.

Our vision is to create an ecosystem that empowers individuals to regain financial control by providing them with the tools and services they need to manage their money on their terms. Whether that be creating a collateralized debt position (CDP) with cryptocurrency, earning an interest return for lending fiat to borrowers, or even participating in reward incentive programs, we strive to provide our users with the functions they need to manage their own financial lives.

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MELD is a decentralized and trustless network built on the Cardano Blockchain using smart contracts and governed by the MELD token. This provides a fast, safe and transparent set of tools for all participants to lend and borrow in.

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