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MELD Dev Diary 19

Borrowing & Lending

  • Refactor Pool computation to reuse it more easily on the off-chain side
  • Rename some parameters for better understanding
  • Reduce fee for the updating collateral request
  • Increase the number of decimals for more accurate interest calculation
  • Update liquidation logic to handle unexpected cases
  • Support ADA staking in the Pool contract
  • Publish most docker images to ECR
  • Implement the liquidation bot to support liquidators
  • Update docker OS
  • Fix CORS in the lending API server
  • Export the on-chain function to get the liquidation data on the off-chain side
  • Convert signing keys to bech32 format
  • Update API to allow the treasury can deposit assets to the Pool contract, such min ADA UTXO amount
  • Add health check to the faucet and main API
  • Deploy contracts to Preview testnet
  • Use more concise address type in lending API for more readability
  • Add tag for docker images on release branches
  • Return Tx instead of TxBody to support frontend transaction building
  • Update filter account function in batching service
  • Prepare config for Preprod tesnet
  • Write documentation on running liquidation bot
  • Mock oracle API should accept price map in oracle datum format
  • Update liquidation bot code according to new liquidation logic
  • Prepare UTXO packs for the lending faucet to avoid congestion
  • Write the script file to mint public testnet faucet tokens
  • Reimplement faucet API to avoid user paying fee when minting tokens
  • Implement API documentation server for the lending faucet
  • Add prefix to token names minted by lending faucet on testnet
  • Update faucet config to randomize minting token amount


  • Deploying AWS infrastructure for lending and borrowing for dev and staging environments
  • Minor Fargate services fixes for easier deployments in dev and staging environment
  • Configuring manual Fargate deployments for staging environment using Github actions workflow
  • Creating ECR repositories for lending services
  • Upgrade to latest version monitoring stack: Grafana/Prometheus
  • Integrate AWS CloudWatch as Grafana datasource
  • Configure Grafana Dashboards for: ECS, RDS, ALB
  • Set up AWS data lifecycle manager for EC2 monitoring instance


  • FE implementation with supply, borrow, repay and withdraw transaction protocol.
  • BE enhancement on getting real-time token amount in the wallet

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MELD is a decentralized and trustless network built on the Cardano Blockchain using smart contracts and governed by the MELD token. This provides a fast, safe and transparent set of tools for all participants to lend and borrow in.

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