MELD Dev Diary 22

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2 min readFeb 6



  • Deployed two AWS VPCs for two new project environments
  • Granted access to new infrastructure engineers
  • Extended log retention for staging environments
  • Deployed new cardano-db-sync service in preview network
  • Added security response headers to our frontend app
  • Created new ECR repos for new lending services
  • Support Velmie team in regard to services required for the MELD Neobank prototype.
    Velmie provides not only a digital banking software platform but a comprehensive technology infrastructure that combines cutting-edge solutions with top-notch services. The modular architecture and fully fledged banking core allow for building financial products such as neobanks, wallets, payments, wealth management, and more. Velmie’s partner ecosystem provides payments and compliance coverage in such regions as North America, MENA, LATAM, EU and UK.
  • Terraform code for deploy timescaleDB in dev
  • Update backend repo for new timescaleDB in dev
  • Staging frontend deploy


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