MELD Dev Diary 23

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2 min readFeb 13



  • Allow liquidator to choose debt and collateral composition
  • Implement migrate Manager API
  • Export on-chain functions for update account
  • Faucet should send tokens to users even if there is only Ada
  • Account creation off-chain needs to reference to manager
  • Unify docker-compose between local and public env
  • Prepare and sign migrate pool transaction
  • Use a unique function to calculate value of an account for bot on-chain and off-chain
  • Add stake key when we migrate the pool script
  • Implement code to submit transaction migrating account
  • Export on-chain functions for liquidation
  • Write more tests to test choosing debt and collateral composition
  • Remove unused API migration
  • Remove unnecessary exported functions
  • Migration operator should be able to migrate manager
  • Prepare and sign migrate Manager transaction
  • Fix migration batch config
  • Filter migrated accounts to avoid duplicating migrate account
  • Migration Pool: Check old pool address
  • Parallel Plutarch compilation
  • Simulate migration scenario using functional test
  • Publish lending-tests to private ECR
  • Connect migration container to old API container via shared network
  • Use manager operator instead of migration operator due to manager bug
  • Migration load test with accounts with a lot of assets
  • Add migration root UTXOs config for preview and preprod
  • Increase retry wait time for migration transaction submission
  • Cherry-pick migration API back to 0.3.x
  • Fix new config mount path in docker-compose
  • BE API for Chart data (will be live soon)
  • FE code refactoring
  • Support the protocol migration today
  • Fixed password field and login screen
  • Success and Fail json animation in creating wallet, in send, and other processes
  • fixed UI alignment of content and inconsistencies in borrowing tokens.
  • Fixed T&C box being checked when restoring wallet


  • Deployed new version of blockfrost backend 1.4.0
  • maintenance of MELDApp backend
  • maintenance of MELDApp frontend
  • deployed cardano-submit-api service
  • Created 2 new Route53 zones for development purposes of new project
  • Deploy next version Dashboards
  • Support dev deployment
  • Support Cardano Migrations
  • Configure SSO for Grafana

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