MELD Dev Diary 24

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2 min readFeb 20



  • SIGTERM and SIGINT handlers for liquidation bot
  • Migrate on-chain on preprod network
  • Query sync status of indexer
  • Move Non-ada constraint to cardano-tx-builder
  • Remove warning logs during the building project process
  • Update API request with optional user inputs and collateral inputs.
  • Fix bug for waiting for confirmation for transaction with only 1 input
  • Fix original ref of account in indexer
  • Liquidator shouldn’t submit requests to clear deposits of non-liquidated collaterals
  • Remove duplicate code to a function for calculating user inputs and collateral utxos.
  • Return account id when querying account
  • Interact with an account by account_id instead of user_nft
  • Fixed login screen status
  • View the historic chart data of assets
  • Fixed asset column width
  • Overview tab and cards implementation
  • API endpoint for graphic data
  • Add an APY percentage number under the Supply and Borrow tab beside the assets
  • Implement UI components of “All borrowed” and “All supplied”
  • Fixed error message when trying to repay a loan
  • Send the user to the Overview tab first when a user lands on wallet
  • Fix security question verification and other error checks
  • Add the link to the details TX link in the transaction details
  • Change the drop-down menu UI in the borrowing section


  • Staging and pre deployments
  • Tune GitLab storage
  • New marketing dashboards deployment pipelines
  • Timescale cloud configuration for stage/preprod env
  • Move Gitlab jobs to self-hosted runners for cost reduction
  • Troubleshoot dashboards incident
  • Audit Prometheus configuration
  • Update snapshot policies for PAG server

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