MELD Dev Diary 26

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2 min readMar 6



  • Preparing for Public Testnet
  • Fixed UI issues displaying improper values
  • Profile pop-up — View your wallet address(es), logout, and get the version number by clicking your profile pic.
  • Rewrite some aeson instances for globalState, liquidation, manager, request apis
  • Fix history account’s response
  • Use JSONB instead of JsonText
  • Rename collateral update in request
  • Add compose project name to git workflow
  • Query account by address
  • Add display name of asset to global state
  • Add burn account auth token constraint to migrate account tx
  • Query account API: reuse exported functions
  • Return current and up-to-date value of account
  • Refactor RiskDAO API
  • Remove prefix account API
  • Liquidation-bot: separate Clear Deposit & Close Account to executable
  • Re-organize docker for lending-liquidation-bot
  • Rename some API fields
  • Conduct load tests on preprod testnets


  • Setting up and configuring polygon mumbai network node
  • Setting up and configuring avalanche fuji network node
  • Setting up and configuring avalanche subnet
  • Setting up QA env for frontend
  • Ensure 2FA policies in our GitHub account
  • Create GitHub group policies
  • Setup NATS and troubleshoot performance issues

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