MELD Dev Diary 28

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Mar 20



  • EVM Backend — added endpoint to register EVM wallet, index ERC721, and ERC1155 NFTs, index ERC20 token transactions and balances, EVM native token transaction history
  • Set up haskell build, docker-compose, docker build, and CI for Multisig project.
  • Add database schema for transaction
  • Add base for Multisig Integration test
  • Add base for Multisig API
  • Add creating wallet API type
  • Update request list type of create account endpoint API
  • Cardano token contract exporter & deployer
  • Implement datum and redeemer schema
  • Bridge indexer
  • Updating Bridge API
  • Support Safari and Firefox
  • UI fixes/changes
  • Show pending transactions on FE


  • Meldapp faucet deployed using AWS fargate
  • Native evm indexer deployed using AWS fargate
  • BlockScout dev running pending contract validation functionality
  • Dashboard Google Analytics and Dashboard Telegram services deployed

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