MELD Dev Diary 29

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2 min readMar 27



  • UI adjustments and fixes:
    Texts moves when the wrong password is entered on the encrypting wallet page
    Supply & Borrow button blocking liquidation info
    Tx details button
    Negative “0” value on repaying 100% of tiUSD
  • Faucet for EVM testing
  • [DOC] Split bridge Mint redeemer into 2 cases: from cardano and to cardano
  • Draw Token Bridge Txs diagram
  • Bridge Get API
  • Add creating safe API
  • Implement API docs server
  • Add API for interacting with transaction
  • Move adapters converting cardano-api and plutus-ledger-api types to libs
  • Add JSON serialization wrapper
  • Inspect system information of Docker on CI runner to prune dangling images
  • Library to load CIP25 NFT metadata from config to mint
  • Add validity range to transaction spending multisig with time entropy
  • Turn on optimization, split sections and executable stripping flag to optimize performance and binary size
  • Archive Get API
  • Locker Get API
  • Implement function to calculate witness count for better fee estimation
  • Rewrite locker on-chain contract to improve safety and performance
  • Implement migration fee
  • Publish token images from CI to AWS ECR
  • Publish multisig images from CI to AWS ECR
  • Sequence diagram for multisig
  • Fix initializer script to create multisig address
  • API to send asset from a multisig address
  • Implement bastion host to access private testnet for demo
  • Fix migration script to ignore invalid accounts
  • NFT faucet
  • Migrate manager from v0.4.0


  • Migrated company website to another domain
  • Created swagger docker container for backend API
  • Created github pipeline for building and deploying swagger container
  • Created infra for swagger deploy
  • Created github pipeline for deploying QA frontend
  • Deployed QA frontend to it’s own domain
  • Deploy new application version
  • Setup NATs in staging environment
  • Deploy new dashboards
  • Manage GitLab runner instance resources
  • Create infrastructure for vanity address calculation

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