Refinements and changes for the MELD distribution schedule

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4 min readJul 10, 2021


The MELD ISPO has started off a MASSIVE success! With over 150m ADA delegated within the first week of launching, it really goes to show the community’s desire to support Cardano-based projects, and the community support has been tremendous.

As such, we have been wanting to provide some extra incentives to early delegators who were delegating ADA pre-ISPO (Before July 1st UTC), and long-term delegators who are planning on supporting us for many EPOCHS.

In the end, this protocol is for you, and we wanted to implement a new MELD rewards schema to ensure those who are supporting the project the most, are incentivized greatest. This is what we concluded…

⭐️ NEW — MELD ISPO Reward Schema ⭐️

Early delegators

We have a small bonus for early delegators who were delegating ADA pre-ISPO (Before July 1st UTC) for their faithful support towards the MELD protocol.

There was a max of 3 EPOCHS users have delegated prior to the ISPO commencing. These users will receive the following MELD rewards for the EPOCHS they have delegated for:

MELD / ADA / EPOCH = 0.068

Long-term Delegators

🤝 Earn up to 25% MORE MELD for long-term delegators!

Longer-term delegators should be rewarded more than shorter-term ones!
At least that’s what we think… So we’ve changed things a bit;
The longer you delegate, the more MELD you will earn at the end of the ISPO!


  • It doesn’t matter which specific EPOCHS you delegate to. You will be allocated MELD at a rate determined by the number of EPOCHS you have participated in.
  • We track delegation cross-pools so you can delegate to multiple MELD pools over the course of the ISPO and all your delegated EPOCHS to the MELD pools will be captured and added together to determine which specific hands you have! 🥉🥈🥇💎🏅

✅ Base reward

0.065 MELD / ADA / EPOCH

Delegate for:‌

30+ EPOCHs: 💎🏅Diamond Hands (+25%) 💸💸💸

20–29 EPOCHs: 🥇Steel Hands (+15%) 💸💸

10–19 EPOCHs: 🥈Iron Hands (+8%) 💸

1–9 EPOCHs: 🥉Copper Hands (+0%)

❗️ Conclusion

We think this model provides greater long-term incentives and rewards, to true supporters of the protocol, more than our prior model. This protocol is for you, and it only makes sense to distribute more MELD to those who are with us for a long time, rather than those who only commit a few EPOCHs.

We hope you guys like the changes to the MELD rewards model and would love to hear any more thoughts/comments/concerns in regards to our ISPO in our Telegram/Discord and other social channels! The engagement, interest, and early supporter commitment towards the MELD protocol have been tremendous and we want to thank you all for your continuous contributions! Let’s keep the discussions going as it only makes us, and the protocol better.

This is only the beginning…


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Stay Tuned — MELD

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