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Akamon Alpha — Conclusion 🏁

Thank you to everyone who participated with Akamon Alpha. Stay tuned for Akamon Beta testing, coming June 30th!

Akamon Alpha Series:

Akamon Alpha Testnet Live 🌉
Akamon Alpha — Update 1 ⏫
Akamon Alpha — Update 2⏫
Akamon Alpha — Update 3 + Rewards Announcement ⏫


Akamon Alpha Testnet Concluded
Akamon Alpha Rewards
Akamon Beta Whitepaper V1

🏁 Akamon Alpha Testnet Concluded

Thank you for the massive support and feedback! We had thousands of participants who tested the gateway and tons of different people from all over the world offering very valuable suggestions and feedback. It’s astounding to see the engagement and passion behind every one of you MELDers —And it’s safe to say that we have one of the most talented and smart communities in crypto. We are all wanting the same future, and we couldn’t do it without you. It’s our job to bring that to reality…

As such, we’ve been hard at work refining Akamon with your feedback and suggestions, getting it prepared for mainnet, and we have one more round of testing to undergo!

Be sure to join our Discord to engage with Akamon Beta testing starting:
June 30th!
Are you ready?

💸🎫 Akamon Alpha Rewards

⚠️ The gateway is no longer accepting new transactions ⚠️

Akamon Alpha on testnet has reached nearly~25,000 unique wallets and ~300,000 transactions! 🤯 We will be publishing the list of winners and the final Akamon Alpha stats after all the pending transactions are processed.

The Akamon Alpha rewards consist of MELD tokens, Akagado tokens, and are being distributed to those that provided the best feedback, performed 100+ transactions, or achieved a record we set forth. See the latest Medium article covering the criteria for Akamon Alpha rewards, for more details.

NOTE: We will be distributing tester rewards in a few days, once all pending transactions are processed.

We will be having another rewards program running for Akamon Beta. Stay tuned! 💸🎫

📄 Akamon Beta Whitepaper V1

A new version of the Akamon Beta Whitepaper is here, including more details on specific wrapped assets we have coming, paying Akamon fees in MELD, and more technical updates and planning to make Akamon Beta more decentralized, robust, and more secure than its Alpha version.
From the whitepaper:

The top priorities to wrap over Cardano at the moment are BTC, ETH, and USD stable coins. The goal is to bring massive liquidity to the new wave of Cardano dApps that come with the Vasil hardfork. We at MELD Labs are designing and planning several dApps for the Babbage era on Cardano with this liquidity in mind. We can also integrate Akamon with a DEX to allow cross-chain swaps in an efficient and user-friendly manner.

MELDed assets

As we decentralize the bridge with time, community members should be able to build and operate their own Akamon frontend on top of its node and API server. For now, MELDapp will be the first and only interface to Akamon.

Furthermore, we will support paying bridge fees in native tokens like MELD (both partially and wholely) at a discount from β.

Full paper: 👇

Stay tuned for the Akamon Beta testnet launch on Thursday, June 30th! 🚀

🔗Akamon Links

Akamon FAQ
Detailed step-by-step user experience of an Akamon transfer Akamon Public Issue Tracker

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