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Akamon Alpha — Update 2 ⏫

Over 50k transactions and thousands of new users! 🥳️🚀

Read the first Akamon Alpha update here 👉 Akamon Alpha — Update 1 ⏫

Akamon — The native gateway between Cardano and Polygon 🌉

After roughly 23 days since releasing Akamon Alpha to the public, we have received over 50,000 transactions (52,069 as we speak, +40,000 since the last update two weeks ago) from the community. That is over 1.5 new user transactions every minute!

There were 1832 failed transactions that happened before the user transaction got on-chain so we couldn’t do anything but ask the users to re-try. All of the remaining failures have been, otherwise, addressed since the last update.

You guys are amazing and we would like to say thank you to each and every one of you who has taken the time out of your lives to go through the process of transferring tokens with Akamon and providing feedback thus far. The energy, focus, and desire to help and refine that emerges from the MELD community is breathtaking, to say the least. It gives us all that much more drive to create and deliver the best tools and services DeFi has ever seen! 🚀❤️️


Akamon Alpha Stats
Akamon Tech Update + Beta White Paper
Akamon Rewards Program
Contribute to Akamon

🧮️ Akamon Alpha Stats

  • 11,318 unique Cardano addresses (+7,531).
  • 5,804 unique Polygon addresses (+4,375).
  • ~25 more UX issues addressed since the last update.
  • Roughly 6,976,000 ADA wrapped from Cardano to Polygon (+5,300,500).
  • Roughly 37,700 MATIC wrapped from Polygon to Cardano (+34,800).
  • 33,069 transactions originated from Cardano (+25,001).
  • 17,078 transactions originated from Polygon (+15,063).
  • The slowest transaction waited 14 days 21 hours 39 minutes to be processed.
  • The fastest transaction waited 6.9 seconds to be processed.

💻 Akamon Tech Update + Beta White Paper

Last week an Akamon Beta White Paper was released — The paper focuses on high-level descriptions + visuals depicting the current state of development for Akamon.

In general, we have been gaining a lot of experience diagnosing production problems and the Beta design of Akamon will be fundamentally much more robust. For example, since the last update we have:

  • Optimized the bridge’s throughput greatly to achieve a processing time in minutes on both chains.
  • Fixed an edge failure when the bridge cannot parse data from Cardano transactions.
  • Optimized the startup load time greatly.
  • Improved UI rendering on smaller screens.
  • Quickly added Mumbai to Metamask.
  • Improved many error and notification messages.
  • Showed better Metamask notifications on transaction cancellation, etc.
  • Disabled leading zeros in amount input fields.
  • Made the disabled fields stand out more.
  • Made dropdowns stand out more.
  • Hidden MELD on the wallet screen if users don’t have it.
  • Added a load indicator to the Akamon activity page.
  • Clearly shown the history is empty instead of a blank page on the wallet stats screen.
  • Shown new transactions in the activity list quicker.
  • Enforced decimal limits on the amount input fields.
  • Shown more detailed status.
  • Fixed a corner case where the activity list doesn’t list transactions for all wallets.
  • Fixed notifications icon alignment.
  • Added title tooltip to the sidebar menu.
  • Shown more token information in the transfer screen.

Notable works-in-progress and planned tasks as we speak:

  • Fix MELDapp sometimes building wrong Cardano transactions.
  • Filtering and sorting more columns in the activity list.
  • Better notification and UX tracking systems.
  • Eternl & more hardware wallet support.

If you want to stay up to date with what we are working on, we have created an Akamon Public Issues Tracker in Trello for anyone who wishes to follow along…

💸 Akamon Rewards Program

We are finalizing the reward program for Akamon testers which will at least include MELD distribution! We will be having a few different categories of reward allocation that will be announced later this week — Such as best feedback provided, those who made at least X number of transactions, most issues reported, and so on. We will be sharing the exact details/categories and specifics of the rewards soon!

If you want to ensure your best chances at some rewards then here are some things you can do to help:

  1. Perform transactions and token transfers to and from Cardano and Polygon using test ADA and MATIC tokens (more info in the last Medium article 👉 Akamon Alpha Testnet Live 🌉)
  2. Offer feedback on your experience, or if something should be changed/fixed to improve the user experience of the public (This can be done via Discord)

🤝 Contribute to Akamon

We really appreciate the support and cannot wait to tackle the rest of the reported issues soon. Look out for the next Alpha update + rewards next week!

If you wish to contribute to Akamon, help improve the UI/UX, earn rewards, and help the greater MELD ecosystem, then come join our Discord! We have a dedicated channel to discuss Akamon, as well as a dedicated channel to request test MATIC tokens to take part in the Polygon side of the Akamon token transferring.

🔗Akamon Links

Akamon Alpha Testnet Live
Akamon FAQ

Detailed step-by-step user experience of an Akamon transfer Akamon Public Issue Tracker

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