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Akamon Alpha — Update 1 ⏫

Thousands of transactions and tons of valuable feedback!

Akamon — The native gateway between Cardano and Polygon 🌉

Akamon Alpha has gained tons of traction since its launch last week! Only 10 days since releasing Akamon Alpha to the public, we have received over 10,000 transactions (10,219 as we speak) from the community. That is under 2 minutes per transaction!!

You guys are amazing and we would like to say thank you to each and every one of you who has taken the time out of your lives to go through the process of transferring tokens with Akamon and providing feedback thus far. The energy, focus, and desire to help and refine that emerges from the MELD community is breathtaking, to say the least. It gives us all that much more drive to create and deliver the best tools and services DeFi has ever seen! 🚀❤️️


Akamon Alpha Stats
Akamon Tech Update
Akamon Rewards Program
Contribute to Akamon

🧮️ Akamon Alpha Stats

  • 3,800+ unique Cardano addresses.
  • 1,400+ unique Polygon addresses among the testers.
  • 57 issues since launch. 14 addressed so far in the first 10 days. The remainings are being worked on as we speak.
  • Roughly 1,700,000 ADA wrapped from Cardano to Polygon.
  • Roughly 2,900 MATIC successfully wrapped from Polygon to Cardano.
  • 8,068 transactions originated from Cardano.
  • 2,015 transactions originated from Polygon.
  • The slowest transaction waited 3 days 9 hours 36 minutes to be processed.
  • The fastest transaction waited 9.4 seconds to be processed.

💻 Akamon Tech Update

Out of the 10k+ transactions, there were 383 that failed. More than half of these failures happened before the user transactions got on-chain, so we couldn’t do anything but ask the users to re-try. Most of the remaining failures were due to network limits that we are automatically re-fulfilling with time. There were 24 failures that we had to manually re-fulfill.

In general, we have been gaining a lot of experience diagnosing production problems and the Beta design of Akamon will be fundamentally much more robust.

For example, since the launch of Akamon Alpha we have:

  • Fixed an edge case where transactions can be stuck.
  • Prevented a double-minting situation when the Mumbai network is laggy.
  • Optimized the node’s throughput to make it roughly two times faster.
  • Marked failed (to-get-on-chain) user transactions as failed instead of being processed forever.
  • Brought the bridge fees down from 3 ADA to 2 ADA, and 3 MATIC to 1 MATIC for users to test easier.
  • Directed users to link wallets in the select dropdowns.
  • Hidden the Link Wallet button once all wallets are linked.
  • Fixed wallet detection on the staking page.
  • Fixed transferring MAX ADA & MATIC.
  • Fixed when the to amount doesn’t match the from amount if users interact too quickly.
  • Rendered ETA correctly.
  • Rounded up fees and rounded down balances.
  • Showed more detailed status for each transaction.
  • Deployed more minor UX improvements in general.

If you want to stay up to date with what we are working on, we have created an Akamon Public Issues Tracker in Trello for anyone who wishes to follow along…

💸 Akamon Rewards Program

We are still solidifying the rewards for Akamon participants, whether it be NFTs, MELD tokens, or something else perhaps. We have been discussing whether it should be for every participant, for random participants, the most active ones who performed the most transactions, or the ones who provided the most useful and valuable feedback…

We will have Akamon rewards soon! Stay tuned!

If you want to ensure your best chances at some rewards then here are some things you can do to help:

  1. Perform transactions and token transfers to and from Cardano and Polygon using test ADA and MATIC tokens (more info in the last Medium article 👉 Akamon Alpha Testnet Live 🌉)
  2. Offer feedback on your experience, or if something should be changed/fixed to improve the user experience of the public (This can be done via Discord)

🤝 Contribute to Akamon

We really appreciate the support and cannot wait to tackle the rest of the reported issues soon. As for the timeline, we expect to release the Akamon Beta white paper with further updates and refinements next week.

If you wish to contribute to Akamon, help improve the UI/UX, earn rewards, and help the greater MELD ecosystem, then come join our Discord! We have a dedicated channel to discuss Akamon, as well as a dedicated channel to request test MATIC tokens to take part in the Polygon side of the Akamon token transferring.

🔗Akamon Links

Akamon Alpha Testnet Live
Akamon FAQ

Detailed step-by-step user experience of an Akamon transfer Akamon Public Issue Tracker

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