The Story of Ciara: My Trauma’s Eternal Resting Place

Ciara McCarron’s incredible story of attempted suicide, death and rebirth teaches us not to let past trauma plant false identities inside us

Rambling Rose
Jun 24 · 13 min read
Close-up of attractive, vibrant woman in dusky pink blouse and long thick locks of red hair, standing in a shaded forest. Spotlight is on her face. By photographer Lisa McConnellogue. Ciara McCarron from Derry, Northern Ireland, is a Trauma-Informed Coach, Mentor & Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Founder of Redesign Your Vibe.
Photo of Ciara McCarron by Lisa McConnellogue

If you knew me 7 years ago, I’d definitely have to reintroduce myself.
I’m proud of the strong, empowered, successful woman I am today. But…