Transfer & Delegate ATOM with Ledger Nano X from your Phone

Víctor | melea
Jul 6, 2020 · 4 min read

As we already explained in the previous ATOM + Ledger guide, ATOM the Cosmos cryptocurrency is now officially supported in the Ledger live app.

Spanish version here

Here how to install Ledger + Cosmos, Guide

With this step by step Cosmos Guide with photos and important areas highlighted in yellow, we will learn to transfer, receive, delegate to a validator, obtain rewards, with the ATOM cryptocurrency from our mobile phone with Ledger Live app + Nano X

Add your ATOM Cosmos account in the ledger live from your device

Follow these steps after opening the application on your mobile device to add an ATOM account to your Ledger NANO X and operate with it

Tap Add accounts
Type ATOM and select it
Synchronize your devices
Expect the devices to sync and load an account if it has been previously created
Add a previously created account or a new one
Open as many accounts as you want or need, they are linked to your Nano X
The account is now operable from the main screen. Tap on the account
Now you can Send, Receive, Delegate, and Claim rewards.

Receive ATOM in your Cosmos account in the Ledger

Receive button and confirm it on your Ledger and next step copy it and verify it with your screen at the same time.

Send ATOM from the Ledger

Write the recipient’s account, then you write the amount you want to send them.
Check on your device screen and then on the Ledger Nano X
Can see that the Transaction is ok, see the details of the TX in your Ledger or in a Cosmos explorer

Staking Delegates ATOM to a Validator or several

Explore the Rewards section by scrolling down and tap on (Add delegation)
Look at the rewards screen that is very nice and you continue to search for your validator manually or write the name melea
Verify that the selected validator is correct, write the amount in continuous ATOM to carry out verification on your Ledger Nano X
You can see that the TX is Ok and see the details in the ledger or a Cosmos explorer.

Congratulations now you are part of the world of Staking and the ecosystem of Cosmos, cheers!

Claim Rewards

In the rewards section tap on Claim which is to request your rewards

Yes, for doing Staking you get an ATOM reward for your contribution to securing the network, this way your ATOM stake will be on the rise as long as your validator is not penalized.

The ATOMs you get as a reward are free to transfer them, leave them there, or put them into Staking, if that is the case you must make a new delegation with that amount and it will be added to your total Stake in the network. Easy

NOTE: Since melea offers the Validation service in Cosmos since its inception + 2 years and has not suffered any penalty affecting its nominators aka delegates.

It is the same case for other validators who have not suffered it either. The penalties are there, but few validators commit fouls and are penalized. You must choose your Validators well.

Remember that if you have a Ledger Nano S, you cannot make this Guide, but you can do it from a PC with Ledger Live, just have to make sure you are in the latest version of Ledger Live to see these new options.

Víctor | melea


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