Doors… Doors everywhere


I have a thing with doors. For one, when God speaks to me about opportunities, He always says “I’m opening a door for you, I’m giving you the key to a new door in your life…” And it’s always had a personal impact on me. Whenever I see them I see the beauty they hold.
 Old doors tell a story of the great men be women who traveled through them. New ones aren’t only beautifully designed, but hold the hope of the stories they’ll hold. Doors separate darkness and light, old from new, and always create expectations of what could be on the other side.
 It requires action from those curious to find out. It holds secrets. Behind closed doors some of the most of the most important conversations and events happen. Lives are changed, souls revived, passions ignited, love expressed. Doors create separation from the past and allow transition into the future. What do doors tell you?

Originally published at Meli Eclectica.

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