Melon dev update June 2017

First things first: the 0.1.0 Melon Portal is now live, check it out!

Now, hello world from the Melon dev team ! 👋 👩🏽‍💻👨🏼‍💻👨🏻‍💻👨‍💻

The past month, we have been working on integrating our smart contracts deployed on the Kovan testnet, with our interface: the Melon Portal.

To provide constant liquidity, we built a friendly robot (the daemon) that continuously places buy and sell orders at the current market price for a given asset pair.

On the Melon Portal, we implemented the following use cases:

  • Set up and deploy a fund/portfolio
  • Invest and redeem shares of your portfolio
  • Order book syncing with our daemon liquidity provider
  • Taking orders directly from the order book for 4 asset pairs
  • Display portfolio and account holdings
  • Display recent trades

We have also started working on the Melon Satellite, which is a smart-contract based product that will provide a searchable registry of Melon modules for fund managers to include in their portfolio suite. Users can think of it as an “app store” for Melon Modules and devs can imagine it as a package index like PyPI or NPM. Ultimately, users will browse modules created by Melonport or by third parties, developers will register their own modules, and anyone will be able to vote on/review modules that they have used. Our Head of Design started working on the UI design and branding for the Melon Satellite.

Next moves include: layering on the UI for the Melon Satellite and improving the user experience of the portal! Therefore, please use our feedback button to report issues or submit your great ideas on our github !

This is our very first dev update; you can expect one of those every month from now on! 🍉❤️

Melon Dev Team

Jenna Zenk

A software engineer with an extensive background in finance and asset management, Jenna worked at hedge funds in Paris and New York between 2014 and 2016. Her keen interest in the Ethereum ecosystem then inspired a new love of programming. She started learning full stack JavaScript at Fullstack Academy of Code in New York, before diving deeper into decentralized app development. She studied at ESCP Europe in Paris and completed a master in management and financial engineering.




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