Melon Token Launch

Hello future Melon Protocol User!

The Melon Contribution Period will soon be over (12pm CET, March 15th, 2017) and your Melon tokens will be unfrozen.

This post will guide you through the process of interacting with your Melon tokens created during the Melon Contribution Period.

Please read this thoroughly before accessing your tokens.

This guide is for educational purposes only.

Recap — What are Melon tokens?

The Melon token “MLN” is a core component of the Melon protocol (that is being built by Melonport), and is designed to provide a “usage right” (usage license) to the Melon software. The Melon token follows the ERC20 token standard, and is available only on the main Ethereum blockchain.

Where can I find my Melon tokens?

Your Melon tokens will have been distributed by the Melon Contribution Smart Contract System to the same address you used during the Melon Contribution period.

For example:

If you sent X Ether from the (hypothetical) account 0x005f7b35e60913cF95s3F1231Cb93B5700A116a6 to the Melon Contribution Contract, that “0x005f7…” account will have received Y Melon tokens back from the Contribution contract.

How can I see my Melon tokens?

Some Ethereum clients like Parity automatically identify any Melon tokens held in your account, so you will see them without any additional effort on your part.

Others, such as Mist, Ethereum Wallet, My Ether Wallet and MetaMask for example require you to add in the appropriate data to “watch” any ERC20 tokens held in your account. This data can be found below under “Token Data”.

The MelonToken Contract has been verified on Etherscan —

For Mist/Ethereum Wallet, go to “Contracts” then scroll down, click “Watch Token” to add MLN, then add in the data below.

For MyEtherWallet, choose the “Send Ether & Tokens” tab, select the wallet file/private key you used in the contribution and unlock your wallet, then click the “Add Custom Token” button on the left and add MLN using the data below (Edit: It seems now that the My Ether Wallet team have added in the Melon token natively, so you will not have to “watch” the token while using the service).

For MetaMask, you can go to and follow the steps for the Mist/Ethereum Wallet.

Token Data

Token Contract Address:


Melon Token Name:


Token Symbol:


Decimal Places:



Q: I can’t see any Melon tokens in my account?

A: Check your client is fully synced. If there are still no tokens, check you have entered the correct token data into your Ethereum client. If there are still no tokens, check you are using the address you used during the Contribution Period. If there are still no tokens, check your transaction with the Melon Contribution Smart Contract System was accepted on Etherscan (if the transaction you sent has red “!” next to it, it was not accepted). If there are still no tokens, try a different client than the one you are using and check again. If then you still have issues, join us on the Melonport Slack.

Q: Where can I trade my Melon tokens?

A: Any exchanges or platforms who wish to engage in Melon token trading will make their own announcements.

Q: Why can’t I send my Melon tokens to another account?

A: Melon tokens can be sent to other accounts starting 12pm CET (11am UTC) on the 15th of March, 2017. Until that point, they are frozen in the account that was used to generate them by sending Ether to the Contribution Smart Contract System.