We need to help companies build our future.

Why I had to write my book Melt

I love companies. They are incredible driving forces that bring together all types of people. They set challenging goals and spur the invention of novel ways to achieve them. At best, companies are as fast as lightning and bursting with innovation.

With their unabashed optimism, fresh ideas, and often a seed of revolution, startups are particularly close to my heart — all will be different tomorrow!

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs and during a career spanning two decades, I’ve come across all sorts of companies — big and small, hyperlocal and global. Companies can be powerhouses for nailing the toughest challenges.

Key revolutions of our times will arise through companies — through the tools they create and new potential they offer. I’ll even go as far as to say that companies can actually accelerate mankind’s evolution.
Companies are packed with an admirable primal force as they compete for survival and living space.

But companies are not perfect. Far from it. Many sectors are stuck in a paradigm of the 18th century age of industrialization, allowing its dogmas to rule business life and work itself.
Despite the world around us becoming immaterial, companies continue to measure success using material metrics.

As much as I love companies, the business world continues to be clearly founded on the old-fashioned. A growing share of humankind is heading towards the immaterial world, while companies are in danger of being imprisoned by the material world.
For mankind to make the most of companies, businesses need to adapt to the surrounding world. Otherwise, they just may become obsolete, which is something I don’t wish.

Printed version of Melt can be purchased from lulu.com.

My mission in writing Melt was pretty straightforward. As individuals, we need to help companies develop, so they in turn can build our future.
Melt is designed to support companies, chart the potential offered by the melt between the immaterial and material worlds, and provide keys for increasing revenue.
I’ve chosen to speak in familiar business terms. And growing profits seem to provide the best incentive for change for businesses today.
Melt is aimed at providing companies with a shared language and tools for dealing with these complex new worlds.

Companies that outgrow the dogmas of the material world and embrace all that the immaterial world has to offer are capable of ever-greater innovation and humane action. And yes, unprecedented financial rewards.

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