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Design and erotic magazines: an improbable yet valuable partnership

In order for Melted to be a bullshit free zone, we need to be able to talk about everything, including taboo topics such as erotic magazines.

Misconception number one: People always think about erotic magazines as a dirty little secret on a teenager room. (Please, stop watching teen related tv series, enough is enough.)

This kind of magazines is as valuable to human experience as any other kind. We also get pleasure from reading magazines about cooking, traveling, and sports. They’re just different kinds of pleasure and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Misconception number two: Erotic magazines aren’t all owned by rich men living in big mansions, with women dressed in animal costumes. Shocking, right? There are other small and far more interesting publications in the erotic spectrum besides the one you just thought about.

Now that we got that straight and out of our plate, let’s get to the part where design comes in.

Design and sexy magazines

As any other publication, erotic magazines need to be designed. They have images, text and a certain layout either that the reader is acknowledging that not. Someone got a piece of paper and a pencil and drew the layout of that magazine with care. They thought about typography, sizes, grids, colors and everything in between.

There are also other cases where designers went further and used design techniques to make the reader wonder, instead of giving it all at once. Fluffer Everyday is an example of that.

They decided to take a bold approach by using a bright red color on their cover and using pictures with “sexy heroes of (your) everyday life”.

By realizing that people are constantly fantasizing about people that they meet anywhere in real life, they created a storytelling kind of approach. Using a suggestive image and a small caption, Fluffer leaves everything to the imagination of the reader instead of showing everything read for consuming (if you know what I mean). And isn’t that far more interesting? The human mind wonders so why not play with that and make something different from ordinary?

As I like to say here on Melted; design is everywhere, including erotic magazines.

So next time you think about design and pleasure is ok to pick up an erotic magazine and wonder. And if you get uncomfortable around people while doing that, you can always tell them it’s a design piece. If they call you crazy, send them here. I’ll explain everything.



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